Fashion iPhone Cases

So some of you know a bit of my life and have an insight to my personal future plans... I don't feel fully comfortable divulging what may or not happen in the couple of months with my life because I'm still waiting for a concrete answer... However, until then I've decided to take some action and raise funds for my future...
All I can share is that I've been planning this for a while now and I truly hope it comes true... 
I've taken the initiative to design iPhone cases with my illustrations. These have all been hand sketched by myself and they are all my original artwork. I haven't ordered that many so if you're interested please contact me ASAP!

I got inspired by all of those fashionista girls that take pictures of their food on Instragram! Yes, fashion girls do love to eat! -20$

Montrealer.. for the Montreal girl with great sense of style! - 20$

The Mystery girl - 20$

The flirt girl - 20$

I hope you liked them!!! I'm opened to custom sketches so please let me know what you would like and maybe I can make it for you! They are currently only available for iPhone 4 and depending on the demand I will order for iPhone 5.