Moschino Winter 2014 Fails

It's been a while since I've posted an article about a runway show during fashion week season, however my jaw dropped when I saw this... Not for its beauty but for its unoriginal concept. Last year, Moschino announced the takeover of Jeremy Scott as their main creative director, and although many were excited for this change... I had my doubts about this shift in direction. I will admit that Moschino needed a little push, however placing someone that is irrelevant to an Italian fashion house was quite a risk. I've always loved Moschino for being playful and for showcasing their collections in the most creative ways. One of the other elements that has always distinguished Moschino, has been their Italian pride and Jeremy truly missed his target... This collection is poorly designed and is very uncreative. A lot of people have claimed Jeremy to be a fashion genius, but being crazy and eclectic is only one part of this industry. This collection will only work for Katy perry or Lady Gaga's tour wardrobes, other than that they it should be banished from an Haute couture boutique. This collection probably took him two days to design; one for picking out the graphics and a second one to wrap up the models with these commercialized prints. I don't think he embraced the Moschino essence but instead made the food industry a favour by marketing their chocolates and gummies on the runways of Milan.