My Tiffany's Wishlist for Valentines

Valentines is just around the corner and with so much love in the air, I was inspired to visit Tiffany's boutique in Montreal. From the Super Bowl to weddings, Tiffany has been present in countless lifetime celebrations. They have surpassed your average company and have paved a legacy of jewellery design; setting their standards very high for others to reach their level of craftmenship. Their coveted blue box unveils a long history in the jewellery industry that it would take me more than an article to tell you everything I learned the day of my visit. Here are some of the items I wish I could get my hands on! 

The atlas collection is probably my favourite of all and these bracelets (bangles) are elegant, bold and exquisitely beautiful. The combination of the roman numbers with the delicate touch of diamonds around is simply outstanding. This is a timeless piece and I truly wish to have one!

What girl doesn't like bows? These bow necklaces are adorable and will honestly make any girl smile!
They go perfect for day to day look and are simply cute!

This arrow necklace is part of their recent gatsby collection and it simply captured my attention. I love its simplicity and if I ever get it, I would wear it every day!

Now who doesn't loves to glitter? These lock necklaces are adorably beautiful, they have the perfect size and oh! It's so shiny! I'm obsessed with locks and these are a must on my list. 

Ocean stars are exotically stunning and these earrings truly capture the essence of this oceanic beauty.  They are asymmetrical and I love that! This irregularity in their shape eludes their natural state which makes them unique. These were created by one of their main designers named Elsa Perreti. 

Elsa Perreti's collection is quite organic and this bone cuff surely represents her style to its finest. This bold and elegant design is astonishingly beautiful and is definitely a timeless fashion statement. It also comes in a black tone which gives a dark and seducive touch. 

As I was visiting the boutique we approached a section that is called "celebration" because they believe that any occasion deserves to be celebrated. These set of collectives rings is an example of stacking them as you celebrate important moments of your life. This concept differs from the idea that diamonds and jewelry are only meant for weddings and graduations. Any occasion is a reason to celebrate, don't you think?!

I began showing you my most favourite piece which is part of the atlas collection and this other one that also belongs to the same. I love keys and apparently so does Tiffany's... I find that keys represent a beginning to something new and unknown... Which to me equally represents life itself. You never know which door you'll open next and that is the reason behind my love for keys. This one is very unique and the roman numbers add the effect of time on life, a perfect combination.

As I toured Tiffany's boutique I felt surrounded by many beautiful jewelry that hold each and one a story behind their creation. I hope you all enjoy this upcoming valentines day with your significant others or family and friends! If you wish to gift someone then I highly recommend you to visit Tiffany's boutique in downtown Montreal. Everyone is warm and welcoming, you will certainly find something!

If you don't live in Montreal, 
Visit their website and find out which one charms you!