My Valentine Lush

I love, love, love these Lush products! They are so adorable and deliciously scented that I forget I'm single... For many single girls valentines is a dreadful day and wish they could skip this holiday. Well if you're feeling this solitary anxiety, don't worry and stop eating your emotions with ice cream because you can do better and deserve to enjoy this day as well! I've taken the initiative to consider valentines as a day to be grateful for all the love I get from my family and also take a moment to pamper myself. These Lush products can easily transform your bathroom into a magical spa. The beautiful scents take over your bathroom and your skin smells lavishing. As for those girls that have a significant other, these products are great for a romantic bubble bath for two! Read more about the products, down below.

Neon love soap 

This soap reminds me of a strawberry smoothie... But as I read the ingredients, I believe it doesn't have strawberries...probably the blend of passion fruit, cinnamon and fresh figs give that decadent fragrance. I love that the bubbles come out pink as you lather and the smell is simply refreshing. I find that it doesn't have a strong scent but as you wash, you'll start smelling all of those oils and fruits! 

Prince Charming 

I'm still waiting for a Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet but until then I will unwind and pamper myself with this beautiful shower gel. I love pomegranates because they are so refreshing and nurturing, I'm just glad I can finally wake up every morning and have this wonderful Prince Charming waiting for me in the shower...hihihi I'm just upset this Prince Charming is only a limited edition... So go get one, now that is here!

Love locket bath bomb 

This bath bomb is beyond phenomenal! I was told at the lush store that this bath bomb had a secondary bath bomb inside... And curious me needed to see what it looked like... And also share this discovery with all of you! (Please take note that you must be extremely careful if you cut it) The smell is indescribable, and the colour is absolutely beautiful and it has some secret romantic surprises that you'll see as it fizzes. If you're single as me then this bath bomb will make you feel special and will unveil the sexy girl in you! And if you want to have a sensual valentines with your significant other, than this love locket will truly make you bond... Share the love!

I hope these products will either fill in your single valentines day with beautiful scents and boost your feelings! And if you're in a relationship, well here are plenty of options to share with your lover! Take advantage of these products at lush, because they are only here for a limited time!!!