It would have been a crime not to give this palette a mention in my winter favourites. I was a late bloomer in the urban decay makeup sector, but I'm glad I came accross this wonderful beauty brand. This palette has the essential shades for an everyday look and for a glamorous evening. The looks that you can create with this palette are endless! I love that it has both matte and shimmering shades. 

You can purchase this urban decay naked palette 2 at Sephora.

I have a love/hate relationship with Marc Jacobs' makeup line because I'm in love with their eyeliners and this blush but I really dislike their foundation. Their makeup is a bit over priced but they are so addictive! I love this blush because it has that perfect tone between a plum and pink shade. The application is smooth and blends nicely with the skin. 

You can also purchase this Marc Jacobs blush at Sephora.

I've been more than ever obsessed with the winged eye look, and I've been testing countless eyeliners.  I was hooked with the Marc Jacobs eyeliner, but it's quite expensive so I decided to try Stila's eyeliner. It's still expensive for a simple felt tip eyeliner but it does last a while and it stays on the entire day! I'm really loving this eyeliner. 

You can purchase this Stila eyeliner at Sephora. 

These past few months I've been going through a lot of stress and my skin has suffered the consequences. I had a horrible breakout and my main concern was to give my skin a deep clean every night. I was fed up of seeing makeup leftovers on my towel, so I went directly to sephora and this amazing beauty expert recommended me this cleanser. Purity by philosophy, it's simply the best cleanser I've used so far! This creamy formula gently removes the makeup and doesn't hurt the eyes. I love it! This cleanser washes off your makeup without drying your skin and it smells very nice. 

You can purchase this Purity cleanser at Sephora.

This winter has been one of the worst that I've seen and it has taken a toll on my skin. It's the first winter that has made me invest much more money on my skin care... On top of that my stress level has been sky high and my skin has reflected the negative effects of my anxiety. I had a severe acne spot on one of my cheeks and I needed to urgently heal those scars. I went to lush because it's one of the few places in the mall that I feel comfortable enough to share how I feel and I always receive a friendly service. Their advice is genuine and I trust whatever they recommend. One of the girls told me about this face mask and mentioned that the papaya would help my scars heal... And it has! I've noticed a the difference and my scars have diminished and they even look less darker. I love this face mask! I've tried other ones at lush but this is the best one so far! Their face mask are a
always fresh and have no presertatives. 

You can purchase this at Lush! 

This winter has not only given us a terrible weather but I believe that everyone has been sick at least once! I hate being sick and I do everything not to be in such situation... I must admit that I'm somewhat of a germophobe...I'm the type of person that carries a hand sanitizer everywhere! Ever since I discovered bath and body works... I've been obsessed with their hand soaps! They have an infinite variety of them and seasonally come up with new ones! These two are some of my ultimate favourites! I love having fresh smelling hands and I truly enjoy their promos! I go crazy whenever they have buy 3 get 3 free! 

You can purchase these at bath and body works 


I've always been that person with ugly hands during winter... They crack and bleed, but this year I've really wanted to take care of my body from head to toe. I discovered this hand cream in the most embarrassing way... I was at sephora with the best beauty expert (she's super nice and knows exactly what I need) she has honestly never failed with her recommendations. Anyways, that evening she was testing out some eye shadows on my hand and saw how damaged they were and nicely told me to try this hand cream. She gently massaged my hands and I felt rescued! This hand cream is amazing, contrary to other drug store hand creams you only have to use it once or twice a day! It's not oily and gets rapidly absorbed by the skin. I also love the smell! It's pricier than your regular hand cream but you use less and it does wonders. 

You can purchase this at sephora. 

All of these products have been part of my everyday life this winter and have lifted me up during this dreadful season. I must clarify that I don't get paid or sponsored to feature these products, I truly use them and have purchased all of them! I hope you get to try one of them!