How to deal with anxiety?

For the longest time I've been wanting to post this article but it's such a personal topic that I've been afraid to share this openly with everyone. I won't go into details on the ways that anxiety has affected my life but I hope that some of my tips can help those that feel trapped with stress. If I'm not mistaken 1 out of 5 adults has suffered some type of anxiety in their life and unfortunately these numbers will simply increase with our fast paced lifestyles. Anxiety comes in many shades and affects everyone differently, however most of the symptoms are similar and we can all concur that it's no fun to feel anxious. In this article, I will share some of my best tips that I've used to cope with my anxiety. I know that at times it may seem impossible to overcome and feeling good may appear to be unreachable but  there is hope. I've had a continuous battle with anxiety since the age of 17 and even through the hard times I've been able to achieve part of my goals. Anyways, I truly hope my tips can help you!


When you're under the stress you literally feel like crap and nothing seems to make it better. I've learned that only YOU have the power to turn around this unpleasant situation. As a beauty obsessed girl, I like to take great care of my skin and having facials takes off all the weight after a hectic day. Knowing that I'm doing something nurturing for myself it makes me feel way better. In addition to my beauty routines, I've also started to workout. Exercising is very helpful as well because you chemically release endorphins which helps to reduce stress. Yoga is commonly suggested to cope with stress because the breathing exercises are very helpful especially during a panic attack. So pamper yourself and do something that makes you happy! Write, read, get a massage, exercise, create a diet...find something that makes you feel better.


I learned that I NEEDED to cut caffeine from my diet the hard way! I realized that every time I would drink a latte, I felt worst and I felt like curling up in my little corner because I just felt out of control... Reducing caffeine not only means avoiding coffee but also cutting down the amount of chocolate and also avoiding caffeinated tea. I recommend to have herbals, roobois or white and green teas which are lower in caffeine. Completely avoid energetic drinks like red bull and also cut soft drinks. If you're having trouble sleeping I highly recommend to get some "mothers little helper" herbal from DAVIDsTEA. This herbal is a mixture of chamomile, mint, lemongrass, hibiscus and valerian root. This natural Valium will help you unwind and relax at night. 


Take AT LEAST 30 minutes to yourself every day! Do something to disconnect from everything! Turn off your phone, meditate or pray. Read, listen to music, lay down and breathe. Forget for half hour that you have homework, that you hate your job or that you have debts! Try to let go of your problems and imagine yourself in a place that makes you happy. In my case I like to take baths! Unfortunately, I can't do this every day but it does help me to disconnect from everyone. I also try to read at night and feed my spiritual side by reading the bible and praying. 


Every single person that has an anxiety crisis, has somewhat found a way to make themselves feel better in a moment of panic. I got referred by my dad's friend to try this rescue remedy, it's a natural mix of herbs and you simply take some drops. I don't know if it's mental or there is some type of soothing effect but it does help me. Chew gum, or have a stress ball near you... Just do something small to take away your thought of your attack. I'm fully aware that it's really tough to stop thinking about your crisis but keep in mind it will go away and that this current state is only temporary. 


When you're clinically diagnosed with general anxiety, there are mixed thoughts and emotions. Personally I thought I was crazy and that being mentally ill was a terrible condition... It can be but it's not as a bad as you think. Unlike physical disabilities, mental disorders are very hard to diagnose and to share with others because they are invisible. All of this crisis is internal and it's hard to explain how you feel, but there is hope and there are ways to treat anxiety. If you seek a professional help and surround yourself with supportive and positive people you will notice a difference. I got prescribed a medication to take and it did help, I also had a therapist but through this process you also have to put some effort in shifting this anxiety. Nowadays I've tried to change into natural remedies  and this is a great relaxing substance. Other herbs like holy basil and lemon balm will help your nervous system. Keeping a good diet and cutting sugar with also aid to reduce your stress.

There are countless of ways to treat anxiety, for some it may be a day to day battle and as for other it may be occasional; either way it's unpleasant. You simply need to try to look on the bright side and you're not alone in this problem. I hope my tips will help you feel better! Pray and live :)