Apr 25, 2014

Look of the day: Hopeless

It's been a while since I've posted an outfit post because of the weather... and also because my lens is broken... Lately I've been going through some rough days. Looking for a second job or a higher paying job seems to be harder than expected.... Being rejected for jobs is draining. You begin to think that there is something wrong with you and that you'll never make it. On top of feeling rejected... the paperwork for my financial situation for school seems to be very slow... Nothing seems to be working out!

I'm not sure if God is testing out my patience but I'm definitely reaching out my limits. Don't get me wrong, I'm truly happy to have been accepted at FIT in New York but with all of this going against me, it's hard to be hopeful! I'm just hoping to still be able to go to school... Regardless of whatever happens I've told myself that at least I will be happy to have tried and I won't regret never trying to make it in New York...

If you know of a job please let me know...


Apr 20, 2014

Glow Cleanse Review

Have you ever wanted to reboot yourself and have a fresh start? Well it's not as difficult or torturing as you might presume! This is not a miracle fat burner or an intense detoxifying cleanse but it will definitely make yourself feel better and help you integrate healthy foods in your diet. Glow cleanser is a system that is based in natural juices that have all the nutrients that you will need for a day. This cleanse can be done over a day ( as I did ) or more! The set that is sent to your home includes 6 types of juices (smoothies) that will be taken at different times throughout the day. Each bottle has a number which indicates the order of usage and the time it should be taken at. I decided to do this cleanse on a day off just to avoid overwork and unwind at home. 

I began my day by waking early and drank a full glass of water with some slices of lemon. I jumped into the shower and was then ready to begin this exciting cleanse! I was really curious to see if the colours matched the expected flavours that my taste buds had imagined. 

Ingredients: water, pineapple, mango, lemon, chia seeds, aloe Vera, Ginger. 

With such a bright yellow colour I was expecting a citrus flavour and I was not deceived! This juice is quite lemony and zesty. Very energizing for the morning, it will definitely wake you up! 

Ingredients: almond milk, banana, cacao, chia seeds, hulled hemp seeds, coconut oil, vanilla, maca. 

I'm quite a morning person not in the waking up sense but more along the lines of having a hearty breakfast. After my first juice I was still hungry and was craving something more filling. Thank goodness this juice was next in line! This juice felt more like a smoothie, thicker and sweeter. 

Ingredients: water, pear, spinach, cucumber, hulled hemp seeds, lime, parsley, spirulina, chlorella. 

When I got my Glow cleanse set, I must say this one had me the most excited of all!! I love green juices  because they make me feel energized, it's really amazing how potent they can be! This one had a great flavour, the pear camouflages quite well the greens. In my case I really don't mind that leafy green veggie flavour because my sister makes me a green juice... Yes I'm quite lucky to have her as my sister   :). This juice felt perfect for dinner time because it was filling and it felt very nutritious. 

Ingredients: water, blueberries, strawberries, mango, raspberries, lime, goji berries, acai. 

I was also very excited to try this one because I love berries! It was quite flavourful and I felt very energized after this one. Very much enjoyed the mix of berries, in terms of taste one of my faves!

Ingredients: water, tomato, apple, mango,avocado,celery,beet, hulled hemp seeds, lemon, apple cider vinegar, basil, cayenne.

Supper was around the corner and I was seriously wanting to have a bite of something. Even though these juices can be filling, you mentally crave for something solid or at least something you can chew on...  This juice technically replaced my supper that day and unfortunately it was my least favourite... a bit too much tomato flavour for my taste. 

Ingredients: Water, banana, almond, Brazil nuts, chia seeds, cinnamon.

After my 5th  Glow Cleanse, I went to workout and felt great! I was energized and did not feel weak at all. I was obviously a bit hungry after my workout and could not wait to try this one! This juice was really tasty and felt perfect for the night! It was comforting and quite creamy! Simply amazing to end my day :) 

Before starting this cleanse I really thought, I would not be able to spend an entire without eating solids. I won't deny that at times I really craved some foods, especially when I would see my parents or sister eat... Whenever I had those craves I would sip on some water. I kept myself hydrated throughout the day so I had more bathroom runs (to pee)  than the usual but besides that I did not have any other discomforts. After my cleanse day I was expecting to wake up the next day with a big appetite... However, I felt fine and I was actually craving a smoothie :)

I'm really to have tried Glow Cleanse because it made me realize that fruits, vegetables and nuts are extremely nutritious and energizing! It also gave me many more ideas for juices! Please keep in mind this is my genuine opinion and everything works differently for everyone.

If you would like further information or purchase a cleanse please visit their website!


Be healthy to be happy :)


Apr 13, 2014

Nelly's New York Dream Fund

First and foremost I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my story!

If you've been following my blog or personally know me then you might already know some of the things I will mention in this post. Nevertheless, I'm happy to know that you're interested in my dream :) 

I started blogging 3 years ago because in a way I wanted to escape my reality at that time and it seemed as a great media to meet people that shared my passion. Networking and connecting with people that have a drive for fashion is always fun! My blog has shown different facets of my life because throughout these past 3 years countless events have happened. I began as a product design graduate, I then worked as a designer for over a year and during the past year and half countless events have occurred. 

Between 2012 and 2013, I was sorting out my future or at least trying to... For some people it seemed like a simple equation because if you love


wouldn't you agree? Yet, I've always been that weird kid that likes to be unconventional. I felt like everyone that loved fashion and lived in Montreal ended up at LaSalle College... which is not bad but for the money that it's worth, I thought to myself why not try elsewhere?! Somewhere that could give me more options and perhaps better opportunities as a graduate. I started to search and found this Accessories design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Every line I read in the program description was exactly what I had been looking for. I eventually looked into the prerequisites and the application deadlines...and I still felt insecure about making the jump. Exactly a year ago, I decided that no matter what would be the outcome of my decision I would give this a shot. So during the summer (2013) I began my design inspiration for my portfolio and I slowly began to develop some concepts that could be potentially be presented at my program interview. I spent most of the winter holidays writing essays for my application, getting transcripts and even passing an English test. Countless paper work just to send my application and after the holidays I travelled to New York... I had so much anxiety because all the work that I had invested in my portfolio was finally going to be reviewed. I was so stressed out but thankfully my sister came with me for moral support. That day I was extremely nervous in the subway and I simply did not know what to expect...

My interview went WAY better than I expected and the lady was truly impressed by my work. Getting positive feedback is always great yet I still felt insecure... I was never 110% sure that I would get in...I kept working at my regular job and tried to sale some things here and there, I would occasionally apply to jobs... Until two weeks ago that I received the letter of admissions congratulating that I GOT IN!!!

I had a mix of feelings because I got accepted in such prestigious fashion school but I was also scared because that meant moving to the Big apple! 

Now that I'm looking into my finances in a deeper level I'm a bit scared to close down this chance because of lacking monetary resources... I have to show a financial statement which demands more money than my initial plan... I was quite disappointed for this and it kind of set me back but everyone has been encouraging me to pursue my dream and knock every door to make it happen. Not everyone gets chosen to study in this institution...

Through this process of evaluating my monetary options I've encountered the cruel reality that it's extremely hard to be eligible for a scholarship outside of Canada, especially for returning students. Another awful fact is that art and design fields don't have many scholarships... which is quite sad because they are expensive programs. Markers, paper, brushes and textiles are not cheap... and let's not forget about the books!

I have some savings and my family will do their best to support me but I'm trying every single possibility out there to get funded because I really don't want to shut down this chance. 

I have started a Plum Fund account to get contributions and I will also be selling some of my personal artwork...I'm looking into other options of raising funds! If you personally know me, you can simply call me or text message me, facebook message me to donate something :) All the money will be put in my little Bulldog piggy bank! My plum account is connected to my  Paypal account! Or send me an e-mail at nellycerri@gmail.com 

If you don't personally know me well I hope that by reading my story you will see that I'm a passionate girl from Montreal asking for help to accomplish her dream. It might seem impossible to reach but I've been taught that nothing is impossible if you put all of your heart and faith into God's hands. 

Share with friends and family, please spread the word.

God Bless You.


Apr 10, 2014

Easter Hunt with Lush!


This adorable bunny is simply relaxing! The calming vanilla and the sweetness of the coconut oil charm you with their delicious aromas. Underneath this bunny you'll notice some cornflower petals and to avoid having them in your tub, just wrap the bar with a translucent fabric.


I never thought that I would ever be using a carrot soap for my body! I had previously heard that carrots are really good for your skin because it's high in carotene. However, I never got around trying a carrot based skin care product. This soap has an earthy aroma that is truly relaxing and the hints of lemon oil lift your spirit in the morning! Unlike many other limited edition soaps, this one is less sweet and has more herbalist accents. I also really like the way they integrated their " fighting against animal testing" bunny logo into the design of the soap, very clever! This soap truly embodies the essence of nature. 


This bath bomb is classic favourite and is always a great seller during this season. This pink egg is sweet as cotton candy! Your bath turns bright pink and mixes nicely with the bunny bubble bar! I truly enjoyed this duo and they compliment each other perfectly. 


This bubble has an outstanding fragrance! It reminds me of a sunny spring morning! This bubble bar is so big that I'm sure you could certainly use it at least twice (only use one half at a time). The mixture of scents that this bubble bar has are exceptional! 


Last but not least we have a golden egg, literally! When I first saw this, it brought me back to the magical story of Alice in wonderland, don't ask me why because I don't have a concrete answer for it. Maybe the sparks and the enchantment of this egg made me travel back in time to the wonders of such magical story as Alice. Besides being such a charming egg, this little one is simply decadent! At first, I was a bit scared to come out of the bath looking like Mariah Carey (her famous gold baths...) but once I got in my bath... All I breathe was the smell of sweet honey. I felt relaxed and special, because it's not every day that you have a golden egg in your bath, right? Seriously, it's a must! You have to try it!

I hope you try one of these goodies before they leave! Pamper yourself on this Easter!