Easter Hunt with Lush!


This adorable bunny is simply relaxing! The calming vanilla and the sweetness of the coconut oil charm you with their delicious aromas. Underneath this bunny you'll notice some cornflower petals and to avoid having them in your tub, just wrap the bar with a translucent fabric.


I never thought that I would ever be using a carrot soap for my body! I had previously heard that carrots are really good for your skin because it's high in carotene. However, I never got around trying a carrot based skin care product. This soap has an earthy aroma that is truly relaxing and the hints of lemon oil lift your spirit in the morning! Unlike many other limited edition soaps, this one is less sweet and has more herbalist accents. I also really like the way they integrated their " fighting against animal testing" bunny logo into the design of the soap, very clever! This soap truly embodies the essence of nature. 


This bath bomb is classic favourite and is always a great seller during this season. This pink egg is sweet as cotton candy! Your bath turns bright pink and mixes nicely with the bunny bubble bar! I truly enjoyed this duo and they compliment each other perfectly. 


This bubble has an outstanding fragrance! It reminds me of a sunny spring morning! This bubble bar is so big that I'm sure you could certainly use it at least twice (only use one half at a time). The mixture of scents that this bubble bar has are exceptional! 


Last but not least we have a golden egg, literally! When I first saw this, it brought me back to the magical story of Alice in wonderland, don't ask me why because I don't have a concrete answer for it. Maybe the sparks and the enchantment of this egg made me travel back in time to the wonders of such magical story as Alice. Besides being such a charming egg, this little one is simply decadent! At first, I was a bit scared to come out of the bath looking like Mariah Carey (her famous gold baths...) but once I got in my bath... All I breathe was the smell of sweet honey. I felt relaxed and special, because it's not every day that you have a golden egg in your bath, right? Seriously, it's a must! You have to try it!

I hope you try one of these goodies before they leave! Pamper yourself on this Easter!