Glow Cleanse Review

Have you ever wanted to reboot yourself and have a fresh start? Well it's not as difficult or torturing as you might presume! This is not a miracle fat burner or an intense detoxifying cleanse but it will definitely make yourself feel better and help you integrate healthy foods in your diet. Glow cleanser is a system that is based in natural juices that have all the nutrients that you will need for a day. This cleanse can be done over a day ( as I did ) or more! The set that is sent to your home includes 6 types of juices (smoothies) that will be taken at different times throughout the day. Each bottle has a number which indicates the order of usage and the time it should be taken at. I decided to do this cleanse on a day off just to avoid overwork and unwind at home. 

I began my day by waking early and drank a full glass of water with some slices of lemon. I jumped into the shower and was then ready to begin this exciting cleanse! I was really curious to see if the colours matched the expected flavours that my taste buds had imagined. 

Ingredients: water, pineapple, mango, lemon, chia seeds, aloe Vera, Ginger. 

With such a bright yellow colour I was expecting a citrus flavour and I was not deceived! This juice is quite lemony and zesty. Very energizing for the morning, it will definitely wake you up! 

Ingredients: almond milk, banana, cacao, chia seeds, hulled hemp seeds, coconut oil, vanilla, maca. 

I'm quite a morning person not in the waking up sense but more along the lines of having a hearty breakfast. After my first juice I was still hungry and was craving something more filling. Thank goodness this juice was next in line! This juice felt more like a smoothie, thicker and sweeter. 

Ingredients: water, pear, spinach, cucumber, hulled hemp seeds, lime, parsley, spirulina, chlorella. 

When I got my Glow cleanse set, I must say this one had me the most excited of all!! I love green juices  because they make me feel energized, it's really amazing how potent they can be! This one had a great flavour, the pear camouflages quite well the greens. In my case I really don't mind that leafy green veggie flavour because my sister makes me a green juice... Yes I'm quite lucky to have her as my sister   :). This juice felt perfect for dinner time because it was filling and it felt very nutritious. 

Ingredients: water, blueberries, strawberries, mango, raspberries, lime, goji berries, acai. 

I was also very excited to try this one because I love berries! It was quite flavourful and I felt very energized after this one. Very much enjoyed the mix of berries, in terms of taste one of my faves!

Ingredients: water, tomato, apple, mango,avocado,celery,beet, hulled hemp seeds, lemon, apple cider vinegar, basil, cayenne.

Supper was around the corner and I was seriously wanting to have a bite of something. Even though these juices can be filling, you mentally crave for something solid or at least something you can chew on...  This juice technically replaced my supper that day and unfortunately it was my least favourite... a bit too much tomato flavour for my taste. 

Ingredients: Water, banana, almond, Brazil nuts, chia seeds, cinnamon.

After my 5th  Glow Cleanse, I went to workout and felt great! I was energized and did not feel weak at all. I was obviously a bit hungry after my workout and could not wait to try this one! This juice was really tasty and felt perfect for the night! It was comforting and quite creamy! Simply amazing to end my day :) 

Before starting this cleanse I really thought, I would not be able to spend an entire without eating solids. I won't deny that at times I really craved some foods, especially when I would see my parents or sister eat... Whenever I had those craves I would sip on some water. I kept myself hydrated throughout the day so I had more bathroom runs (to pee)  than the usual but besides that I did not have any other discomforts. After my cleanse day I was expecting to wake up the next day with a big appetite... However, I felt fine and I was actually craving a smoothie :)

I'm really to have tried Glow Cleanse because it made me realize that fruits, vegetables and nuts are extremely nutritious and energizing! It also gave me many more ideas for juices! Please keep in mind this is my genuine opinion and everything works differently for everyone.

If you would like further information or purchase a cleanse please visit their website!


Be healthy to be happy :)