Jun 30, 2014

Melanie Audrey

Life is unpredictable and full of surprises. Sometimes with time it brings along amazing people that inspire you and can change your perception of life. Such self revision can make you see things on a positive light and move forward into something bigger and unexpectedly life changing. Such mind set is found in Melanie Audrey's bracelets. 

Behind the creation of Melanie Audrey is a beautiful human being named Melanie Vandersluis. Our paths crossed each other about a year ago and I'm truly happy to personally know her. She has a remarkable smile that is quite contagious; her positivity and down to earth aura has definitely influenced the great outcome of her bracelets. 

Melanie began this journey a few months after her return from a 7 week trip in Israel, France and Greece. She recollected amazing memories from this adventure and met unforgettable people that inspired her to pursue a fulfilling path. She wanted to create something unique, fun and with an inspirational message; after letting her creativity lead the way, Melanie Audrey bracelets were born!

Each bracelet is inspired by someone and each one of them has a story to tell. Melanie Audrey is not only inspirational but also encourages people to make a difference in this world. Some of the bracelets have been designed to collaborate with certain foundations and part of the profits go towards such charity. 

All bracelets are hand-made in Montreal and are made with carefully selected stones. 
If you'd like to see more models please visit her website and find out which bracelet suits you! 

You can also follow her journey on Instagram @bymelanieaudrey !!!


Jun 27, 2014

Palladium Flex

Summer has been a late bloomer this year but it's slowly getting warmer; such a slow transition has given us the time to plan out wisely the seasonal wardrobe swap. The best part of having four seasons is having shoes for each one of them! For this look I went with a pair of white crisp flex, my tropical themed leggings and a simple sleeveless top. I was attending piknik for the first time and I wanted to be comfortable. For those who are not familiar with piknik; it's simply an electronic music festival that is held every Sunday in Montreal during the summer. 

These Palladium Flex kept me comfortable the entire day! They are flexible and adapt to any type of surface but have enough grip at the bottom to avoid slipping. It's super light and it comes in 8 different colours, however the bottom always stays white. These shoes have a laid back summer character yet remain classic and can be worn very casually. For now they remain white but they will certainly get dirty by the end of this season, however a bit of dirt adds character to your style, right? I will probably use them in early fall with a denim or leather jacket and a pair of skinny jeans. These shoes are definitely timeless and are truly versatile. 

Take a look at more Palladium shoes by visiting their website down below



Jun 17, 2014

Look of the Day: Mexican Market

I truly fell in love with the Mexican culture! It's so rich and colourful that it can only make someone joyful and vibrant! Every Thursday at this hotel it's Mexican night and the plaza becomes a mini market full of beautiful hand crafts.  Looking back at these pictures makes me miss this place so much! I really wish I could be back there with my family, under the sun and simply enjoying nature. 


Look of the day: Tropic Mind

I've been quite busy ever since my return from Mexico. However, as busy and stressed as I can be I'm also happy to be preparing myself for the big move! So many details to overlook and checking things off my "to do" list is hopefully reaching the end! Nevertheless, the emotional transition is tough... Just the thought of being away without my family makes me sad. I'm very close to my family and I'm so use to having them around every day... Things are about to change in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping to feel calmer and at peace when the time comes to move.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Jun 13, 2014

Vogue Brazilian Models for World Cup 2014

The Brazilian world cup fever is just beginning and the heat of the competition is running through the veins of soccer fans. Brazil has an extensive soccer history and is the only country that holds 5 world cups under its belt. Brazil is not only known for its soccer but also for being home to many beautiful women. As a tribute to the world cup in Brazil, Vogue interviewed 4 of the most influential high fashion models from this wonderful South American country. These women have been ambassadors for many labels and have been recurrent models for renown Victoria Secret shows. 

Alessandra Ambrosio
Isabeli Fontana
Adriana Lima
Raquel Zimmermann 

Now going back to soccer...I'm really excited about the world cup because soccer is the ONLY sport I fully understand. Besides who doesn't like to watch good looking guys with muscular legs running and sweating, right? I grew up with a huge Brazilian soccer fan (my dad) and that is why I have a deep love for this country. The past couple of years, they have unfortunately lowered their potential but hopefully they will go far in the competition. Although England created soccer, I like to think that Brazil refined it. I simply love their style in the game and I love how mixed they are! My heart is currently broken in two because I would love for Brazil to win but I would also love to see Lionel Messi experience winning a world cup. 
Wanting these both legendary rivals win the world cup is heart breaking for any soccer fan so I can simply wish the best for both teams. 

Now which one is your favourite?


Jun 9, 2014

Escaping thoughts

As I review these pictures I truly wish to go back to this beautiful place. Being away from everything allows you to unwind and escape your thoughts...
 For the past year I've been planning my next step in life and at times it's been hard to keep my head up. I've recently come to realize that I'm a few steps away from making my dream a reality. Throughout this process of prepping my move, something unexpected happened in my heart. I haven't shared my feelings publicly because I like to keep my intimacy to myself and to whoever personally knows me. Having these feelings for someone was definitely not part of my plans and as my date approaches to leave, it seems to get harder to digest my thoughts and feelings. Getting mixed opinions from family and friends on your relationship can truly confuse you... I care so much about my family's advice and I know they care about me, however you should always listen to your intuition. You might be making a mistake but you're growing and at least you won't regret knowing you made a choice based on your feelings and not on someone's opinion. At the end of the day only you and your partner know how deep your feelings are and how strong your bond is. At this moment, my only wish is to be able to process everything and let God guide me towards the best path. 

Playa riviera maya-Mexico 


Jun 2, 2014

Look of the Day: Jumpsuit!

Back to reality... back to work and answering e-mails! For an entire week I was literally disconnected from the world, I had no internet for the first couples of days. I eventually bought internet for some hours just enough to work on some school planning and contacting a special someone :) I really enjoyed being away from home and simply soaking up the sun at a beautiful beach. I was also really excited to wear this jumpsuit that I bought at forever because it's perfect! I had been looking for a jumpsuit for a really long time and since I'm short it's hard to find one that fits nicely. 

Jumpsuit: forever 21/ shoes: pegabo/ purse: mexx