Escaping thoughts

As I review these pictures I truly wish to go back to this beautiful place. Being away from everything allows you to unwind and escape your thoughts...
 For the past year I've been planning my next step in life and at times it's been hard to keep my head up. I've recently come to realize that I'm a few steps away from making my dream a reality. Throughout this process of prepping my move, something unexpected happened in my heart. I haven't shared my feelings publicly because I like to keep my intimacy to myself and to whoever personally knows me. Having these feelings for someone was definitely not part of my plans and as my date approaches to leave, it seems to get harder to digest my thoughts and feelings. Getting mixed opinions from family and friends on your relationship can truly confuse you... I care so much about my family's advice and I know they care about me, however you should always listen to your intuition. You might be making a mistake but you're growing and at least you won't regret knowing you made a choice based on your feelings and not on someone's opinion. At the end of the day only you and your partner know how deep your feelings are and how strong your bond is. At this moment, my only wish is to be able to process everything and let God guide me towards the best path. 

Playa riviera maya-Mexico