Vogue Brazilian Models for World Cup 2014

The Brazilian world cup fever is just beginning and the heat of the competition is running through the veins of soccer fans. Brazil has an extensive soccer history and is the only country that holds 5 world cups under its belt. Brazil is not only known for its soccer but also for being home to many beautiful women. As a tribute to the world cup in Brazil, Vogue interviewed 4 of the most influential high fashion models from this wonderful South American country. These women have been ambassadors for many labels and have been recurrent models for renown Victoria Secret shows. 

Alessandra Ambrosio
Isabeli Fontana
Adriana Lima
Raquel Zimmermann 

Now going back to soccer...I'm really excited about the world cup because soccer is the ONLY sport I fully understand. Besides who doesn't like to watch good looking guys with muscular legs running and sweating, right? I grew up with a huge Brazilian soccer fan (my dad) and that is why I have a deep love for this country. The past couple of years, they have unfortunately lowered their potential but hopefully they will go far in the competition. Although England created soccer, I like to think that Brazil refined it. I simply love their style in the game and I love how mixed they are! My heart is currently broken in two because I would love for Brazil to win but I would also love to see Lionel Messi experience winning a world cup. 
Wanting these both legendary rivals win the world cup is heart breaking for any soccer fan so I can simply wish the best for both teams. 

Now which one is your favourite?