Wear Converse

Who doesn't love sneakers? Cons, chucks.. However you call them, almost everyone has owned a pair of Converse at least once in their lifetime. My first pair of Converse was in high school and I got them in yellow because nobody else had them. I still have them and unlike most people I haven't grown taller since 9th grade... So I still wear them whenever I want to remember my teenage years. Converse has been able to capture the essence of shoes by becoming a timeless fashion statement. They have been in the industry for quite a while now and have countless styles to choose from. 
About a week ago, I was cordially invited to attend a preview to their fall/ winter collection for this upcoming season and I was truly fascinated by their styles. Converse is known for offering numerous options in terms of fabric (canvas, leather), laces, colours and added accessories. In addition to their wide range of styles, they are known for their collaborations and special editions. One of their most recent collabs is with Maison Martin Margiela; these sneakers have been featured in several magazines and blogs. These coveted Converse have been designed in such way that there is no pair like yours worn by another person. They are completely covered in Margiela's signature white paint, so as you wear them, the paint will chip and crack. Those lines and rough edges will be your personal touch to them because no one walks the same way! 

At this event, I met wonderful people from Converse  and also crossed paths with a couple of other fellow bloggers. Seeing everyone trying on sneakers and looking at themselves in the mirror as they decided which ones to take, reminded me of the excitement kid's have when they try on new shoes. I've always felt that Converse brings out that young spirit in everyone, and in my opinion they are forever IN fashion. 

I chose these white Chuck Taylor (picture above) in the high top model, which I LOVE! They are my fourth pair of cons :) The white, red and blue colours fit nicely in my New York transition mode. 

Click the link below to see more styles and shop Converse.