Sep 18, 2014

New York Fashion Week Street

Last year, I travelled to New York just to experience a bit of New York's fashion week ambiance and I really enjoyed that trip. However, this time I got to live Fashion week from a different angle. Even though, I've only been living here for a month I'm starting to notice the difference between being a weekend tourist and New Yorker civilian. As an FIT student, you get the opportunity to volunteer if you'd like... Twice a year students can wait in line for hours to work for free at fashion week and if they are lucky; they will get to work for a higher end designer such as Alexander Wang or Oscar de la Renta... but if you're not you'll simply be in the backstage of a rising designer. 

Some New Yorkers adore fashion week because they are part of this industry and get invited to exclusive events. It's also the time to shine and peacock your style to the world. As for others, it's another occasion to have even more crowded restaurants, less taxis and walk along sky scrapper models. As for me... well I expected more of the fashion entourage at school. I was hoping for my school to profit from this week and organize events (conferences) supported by a panel of fashion specialists that are visiting the city. Imagine a city full of Vogue editors, stylists and influential bloggers and not take advantage of this opportunity!

I went for a day to the Lincoln Centre and I didn't find that many interesting people to shoot (photo). I saw too many people trying really hard to look fashionable which was deceiving... Anyways here are some of the pictures I took! The best dressed goes to that little girl with the flower head band :) She had the cutest bright pink mini Chanel bag. 


Sep 15, 2014

Dorm decor?

I'm back in college, however this time around I'm no longer a minor and I'm actually living in a dorm?!? Initially I wanted to move into an apartment, but we all know that finding a place in New York is very hard especially if you're not from the city. For safety reasons and also avoiding additional stress from commuting, I opted to live in dorms. I was really hoping to get an apartment style dorm, but they were completely booked... I currently live in what we call a "coed" room which is basically a small room that you share... Did I mention that I also share my bathroom with the rest of the girls on my floor? It's actually not that bad... but it's definitely not the most comfortable option. 
No bubble baths this year! Sorry Lush!
 The hardest part in all of this "dorm life" is sharing absolutely everything... no room or bathroom and I also do not have a kitchen... I'm not a chef but I do enjoy preparing my own food and having control on my nutrition. As silly as it sounds but I really miss making my own smoothies in the morning! 

Here are some pictures of my room :) Some minor decorations.

My desk is a bit small but I try to make it work; I might get a small side table because my dishes (left) take a good amount of work space. I actually enjoying working on my desk which is weird because normally back home I never used mine...

I went to a flea market and found this really nice photo and I've added it to my clear tray.

I really love this clear tray that I bought at the container store (yes they have a store dedicated to containers...) In my tray I keep these little three pigs and also my fur balls that I got at a leather show I attended. On the right side are my shoe lasts! 

My bed is on the window side :) 

I found these beautiful bird illustrations at a flea market and I got three of them. This is probably my favourite one because it reminds me of my boyfriend :) (his favourite bird) 

I have a dresser and on top I keep some pictures and my beauty products. I found this cute accessory holder in forever 21!

The one thing I love the most about my room is being able to admire the empire state building from my window! I love seeing all of the colours that light up at night. 

Even though I would have loved to have my own place, I'm glad to have a roof over my head and have a bed to rest in. When I see all of those people on the streets, sleeping on that dirty cold cement... it truly makes me appreciate my dorm. Nevertheless, I'm hoping to switch into an apartment style dorm next semester and if not I might move next year into a place outside the campus. I try to keep in mind that this is only temporary and hopefully things will turn out well. It feels weird to be 24 and living the college life... There are days that I feel weird and forget that I'm in a different city... 



Sep 7, 2014


I was so busy in August, that for the first time in the history of my blog I did not post a thing! I feel a bit guilty but it was definitely a hectic month... I have lost counts of the times that I've started to write this post and never finish it! Every time I decide to work on it, I end up rewriting it...but this time I'm actually posting it!
In a couple of days it will be a month since I've moved to New York and it's been quite a journey so far!
Festival , Place des Arts, Montreal

Basilique Notre- Dame , Vieux Port, Montreal

 Before leaving, I was extremely stressed and I guess what weigh the most on me was the emotional transition. Unlike most of the young ones here I wasn't very thrilled about leaving my comfort zone and being away from my parents... I love my family and I enjoy spending time with them. The first week here was very hard... I missed them tremendously and I felt like running back home. Another factor that did not contribute to my homesickness was that I did not have classes until the week after... I had an entire week to settle in by myself and hopefully make friends! I felt a bit out of place when I first got here because most of the freshmen students are 18... however I've met some really nice people and they are very mature for their age. I'm very grateful to have bumped into them because I would probably feel very lonely by now...
Vieux Port, Montreal
 The other part of the emotional transition that sometimes gets me nostalgic is being away from my significant other... Dating was completely out of the question but it simply happened and I don't regret meeting such an amazing person. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and he brought me calmness when I was stressed out of my mind and kept me levelled throughout this entire process. He's been very supportive and being away from him has made me appreciate him even more. I feel very lucky to have him :)

Soho, NYC
It's been two weeks since I've started classes and for the first time in my life I'm actually enjoying my courses. Homework is surprisingly enjoyable and even though it's a lot of material I'm really looking forward to seeing the outcome of my projects. I might post some of my work later on.. once they look a bit more concrete.

Anyways, I don't want to make this post too long so I will probably post another one talking more about the HUGE difference there is between Montreal and New York... I've realized there is a big difference from living here and just visiting the big apple for the weekend...