Dorm decor?

I'm back in college, however this time around I'm no longer a minor and I'm actually living in a dorm?!? Initially I wanted to move into an apartment, but we all know that finding a place in New York is very hard especially if you're not from the city. For safety reasons and also avoiding additional stress from commuting, I opted to live in dorms. I was really hoping to get an apartment style dorm, but they were completely booked... I currently live in what we call a "coed" room which is basically a small room that you share... Did I mention that I also share my bathroom with the rest of the girls on my floor? It's actually not that bad... but it's definitely not the most comfortable option. 
No bubble baths this year! Sorry Lush!
 The hardest part in all of this "dorm life" is sharing absolutely everything... no room or bathroom and I also do not have a kitchen... I'm not a chef but I do enjoy preparing my own food and having control on my nutrition. As silly as it sounds but I really miss making my own smoothies in the morning! 

Here are some pictures of my room :) Some minor decorations.

My desk is a bit small but I try to make it work; I might get a small side table because my dishes (left) take a good amount of work space. I actually enjoying working on my desk which is weird because normally back home I never used mine...

I went to a flea market and found this really nice photo and I've added it to my clear tray.

I really love this clear tray that I bought at the container store (yes they have a store dedicated to containers...) In my tray I keep these little three pigs and also my fur balls that I got at a leather show I attended. On the right side are my shoe lasts! 

My bed is on the window side :) 

I found these beautiful bird illustrations at a flea market and I got three of them. This is probably my favourite one because it reminds me of my boyfriend :) (his favourite bird) 

I have a dresser and on top I keep some pictures and my beauty products. I found this cute accessory holder in forever 21!

The one thing I love the most about my room is being able to admire the empire state building from my window! I love seeing all of the colours that light up at night. 

Even though I would have loved to have my own place, I'm glad to have a roof over my head and have a bed to rest in. When I see all of those people on the streets, sleeping on that dirty cold cement... it truly makes me appreciate my dorm. Nevertheless, I'm hoping to switch into an apartment style dorm next semester and if not I might move next year into a place outside the campus. I try to keep in mind that this is only temporary and hopefully things will turn out well. It feels weird to be 24 and living the college life... There are days that I feel weird and forget that I'm in a different city...