New York Fashion Week Street

Last year, I travelled to New York just to experience a bit of New York's fashion week ambiance and I really enjoyed that trip. However, this time I got to live Fashion week from a different angle. Even though, I've only been living here for a month I'm starting to notice the difference between being a weekend tourist and New Yorker civilian. As an FIT student, you get the opportunity to volunteer if you'd like... Twice a year students can wait in line for hours to work for free at fashion week and if they are lucky; they will get to work for a higher end designer such as Alexander Wang or Oscar de la Renta... but if you're not you'll simply be in the backstage of a rising designer. 

Some New Yorkers adore fashion week because they are part of this industry and get invited to exclusive events. It's also the time to shine and peacock your style to the world. As for others, it's another occasion to have even more crowded restaurants, less taxis and walk along sky scrapper models. As for me... well I expected more of the fashion entourage at school. I was hoping for my school to profit from this week and organize events (conferences) supported by a panel of fashion specialists that are visiting the city. Imagine a city full of Vogue editors, stylists and influential bloggers and not take advantage of this opportunity!

I went for a day to the Lincoln Centre and I didn't find that many interesting people to shoot (photo). I saw too many people trying really hard to look fashionable which was deceiving... Anyways here are some of the pictures I took! The best dressed goes to that little girl with the flower head band :) She had the cutest bright pink mini Chanel bag.