Oct 27, 2014

Intimate Britney Spears

Who doesn't love lingerie? Obviously most men won't object to women wearing lingerie, however many women haven't found the right pieces for them. It's hard to find what works for you, but it's not impossible! Influential pop star artist, Britney Spears' has recently launched a lingerie line and it's actually very nice! Regardless, of what the tabloids say about her I'm still a big fan of her old school tracks. She's always been a sex icon and with her provocative image in her music videos, it's no surprise to see her designing lingerie! 

Her collection is very tasteful and carries many styles to fit everyone's style. Lingerie is very different from ones' fashion style... I'm more of a tomboy lay back type of gal but when it comes to lingerie I very much love lacy bralettes and sheer garments. You simply have to try and see what works better for you; and the Intimate collection has a lot to offer. They have corsets, thongs, guarders, baby dolls, kimonos, and many more! The pricing is very reasonable and the quality is quite good. So far I find them very comfortable and everything fits nicely with my small frame. 

Visit their website to see the rest of the collection and enjoy a 20% discount until October 30th. 


Oct 19, 2014

Friends & Ralph Lauren's Coffee

A couple of weeks ago, some of my friends and I went to take a look at Ralph Lauren's coffee shop at their Flagship store on 5th Avenue. The place is a bit small but it's absolutely adorable and worth seeing. It's the perfect spot to unwind from a hectic downtown shopping with friends or just to sit down and read a book while sipping on some tea or coffee. 

Going to this cafe brought me back good memories of going out with some friends in Montreal and just spending hours talking over a cup of tea. While being at this coffee shop, I realized that my life has changed so much and that I've met some pretty amazing people that I can now call friends. 

Over the years I've lost some friends because life changes as you grow... Some move to another city or simply don't share the same mentality as you... However, even while being in Montreal I've realized that some people won't call or text unless I do so... so we never hang out...and that is another reason why I've lost friends because friendship is not a "one-way" relationship. 

Now that I've moved here and that I'm no longer near my family or friends, I've also realized who are truly meaningful. I've found myself talking more to certain people that I would have not thought to become so close to, while others that I thought were closer to me have sadly not shown any interest...

Being away from home definitely makes you reevaluate different areas in your life. Nevertheless, I've made some friends here and I'm so thankful to have bumped into them.

Everything in life happens for a reason and that can very well apply to my current living situation. Initially, I was going to share an apartment style room with other girls but in the end the room were all taken and I now live in a different building... and because I live here I've met some amazing girls. Even though there is a significant age difference, they have proven me that regardless their young age they are mature and quite independent. I'm so glad to have met them and share this journey with them. Living here has also made me realize that some of the people that I've met here will eventually become a big part of my life since we are all working our way into the fashion industry. We all try to support one to another and listen to each other's worries and problems because you don't have anybody else here... your family, your friends and boyfriends are far away. I'm grateful to be making friends that are from different places in the world because you never know where life may take you.

Anyways, these are just some of my thoughts and feelings that I have on friendships. 
I hope you get the chance to visit Ralph Lauren's cafe in your next visit to NYC.


Oct 15, 2014

My New York Journey (1)

Fact: New York is unique.

Looking back and remembering the first thought that made me fall in love with this city is quite behind my mind at this moment. I use to love visiting New York, because I felt that everywhere I would walk was a scene from a movie and it made me feel like a star...However, things take a different shape when you live here. 

I've realized there is a HUGE difference from visiting and living in New York. Who wouldn't love taking shameless selfies in Time square or indulging at Magnolia bakery... I mean, seriously who would not want to visit the best areas of the big apple and eat at the nicest restaurants...But when you start going through the day to day routines it's a different story than just a simple weekend trip.

It bothers me to hear people tell me that I shouldn't be sad or missing home since I'm in New York city. That I should be having a blast and enjoying what the city has to offer. I use to get really frustrated by these comments but I've realized that they're not in my shoes and they will never understand the magnitude of this change in my life. I'm not here as a tourist, I'm a full time student with classes and homework. I have a fixed schedule and I can't be splurging in the meatpack district restaurants or shopping on fifth avenue every weekend... I'm also not living in a luxurious apartment.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate New York but I kind of feel like that guy who thought a girl was hot but is actually not?... I won't deny there is no other city like New York but it's a very stressful environment. People aren't very nice and as any other city everyone is selfish...
People tell me that it will grow on me and that I probably feel like this because I'm not living a New yorker's lifestyle. Living in a dorm and being on the same street every day does not help the cause. I do enjoy taking walks on the high line and window shopping at Soho but I really wish I could immerse myself more in the NYC lifestyle.

New York can easily become a solitary place for anyone that does not know the city and doesn't have friends. I've met some people and I'm grateful to know them but it takes time for me to consider someone an actual friend after a bit over than a month of acquainting. Anyways, I recently came back from my first trip home and that is another story to tell!

I hope you're all pursuing your dreams!