Friends & Ralph Lauren's Coffee

A couple of weeks ago, some of my friends and I went to take a look at Ralph Lauren's coffee shop at their Flagship store on 5th Avenue. The place is a bit small but it's absolutely adorable and worth seeing. It's the perfect spot to unwind from a hectic downtown shopping with friends or just to sit down and read a book while sipping on some tea or coffee. 

Going to this cafe brought me back good memories of going out with some friends in Montreal and just spending hours talking over a cup of tea. While being at this coffee shop, I realized that my life has changed so much and that I've met some pretty amazing people that I can now call friends. 

Over the years I've lost some friends because life changes as you grow... Some move to another city or simply don't share the same mentality as you... However, even while being in Montreal I've realized that some people won't call or text unless I do so... so we never hang out...and that is another reason why I've lost friends because friendship is not a "one-way" relationship. 

Now that I've moved here and that I'm no longer near my family or friends, I've also realized who are truly meaningful. I've found myself talking more to certain people that I would have not thought to become so close to, while others that I thought were closer to me have sadly not shown any interest...

Being away from home definitely makes you reevaluate different areas in your life. Nevertheless, I've made some friends here and I'm so thankful to have bumped into them.

Everything in life happens for a reason and that can very well apply to my current living situation. Initially, I was going to share an apartment style room with other girls but in the end the room were all taken and I now live in a different building... and because I live here I've met some amazing girls. Even though there is a significant age difference, they have proven me that regardless their young age they are mature and quite independent. I'm so glad to have met them and share this journey with them. Living here has also made me realize that some of the people that I've met here will eventually become a big part of my life since we are all working our way into the fashion industry. We all try to support one to another and listen to each other's worries and problems because you don't have anybody else here... your family, your friends and boyfriends are far away. I'm grateful to be making friends that are from different places in the world because you never know where life may take you.

Anyways, these are just some of my thoughts and feelings that I have on friendships. 
I hope you get the chance to visit Ralph Lauren's cafe in your next visit to NYC.



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