Intimate Britney Spears

Who doesn't love lingerie? Obviously most men won't object to women wearing lingerie, however many women haven't found the right pieces for them. It's hard to find what works for you, but it's not impossible! Influential pop star artist, Britney Spears' has recently launched a lingerie line and it's actually very nice! Regardless, of what the tabloids say about her I'm still a big fan of her old school tracks. She's always been a sex icon and with her provocative image in her music videos, it's no surprise to see her designing lingerie! 

Her collection is very tasteful and carries many styles to fit everyone's style. Lingerie is very different from ones' fashion style... I'm more of a tomboy lay back type of gal but when it comes to lingerie I very much love lacy bralettes and sheer garments. You simply have to try and see what works better for you; and the Intimate collection has a lot to offer. They have corsets, thongs, guarders, baby dolls, kimonos, and many more! The pricing is very reasonable and the quality is quite good. So far I find them very comfortable and everything fits nicely with my small frame. 

Visit their website to see the rest of the collection and enjoy a 20% discount until October 30th.