My spots to eat in New York (1)

New York is the city of Diners! Who doesn't enjoy pancakes, bacon and smoothies? There are thousands of diners in this city but so far this one has really struck my heart. It has a wonderful ambiance and the food is delicious. Great place for a brunch with the girls!

Empire Diner
210 10th avenue, NY

New York is also known for amazing sweets and what better treat than a good old American doughnut. I discovered this place as I was walking through 23rd street and what caught my attention were the doughnut shaped pillows on the wall of their shop. Doughnut plant has a wide range of flavours from vanilla to peanut butter and jam!

220 West 23rd street , NY


New York is also known for their amazing bagels... that is up for debate on my part since I love Montreal bagels. However, Murray's bagel has some pretty good stuff! I also like that they are quite close to my school :)

242 8th avenue, NY


New York is a great city for food but for macaroons there is really only one place to go and that is Laduree.
I tried other macarons from some "French" place but they were really off... so from now on when I'm craving macaroons I hit Soho's laduree store. 

I'm a french toast junkie!!! I just love making them and obviously eating them! I discovered Balaboosta with my sister, we were simply walking in Soho and we were looking for a place to eat; we saw the menu and decided to give it a try! Long story short it was an amazing discovery :) I took some of my parent's friends for a brunch and they loved it.

214 Mulberry Street, NYC.

This is only the beginning of a long list of favourite spots in New York. I have at least a year an half more in the Big Apple, so hopefully there will be more tasting to come :)

enjoy the holidays!