The Montrealer in New York

I feel like ever since I've moved to New York... all I write about is my journey and I hope I'm not boring any of you. However, since I'm living here I can't attend any media events back in Montreal and because I've recently moved to the Big Apple I don't have enough followers to have good based PR connections. I hope to soon come in contact with more social medias in New York because I do miss doing some fabulous product reviews for you! Anyways, as a Montrealer living in New York I have a completely different perspective on this city than any other New Yorker. 

It's been a couple of days since I got back home (Montreal) and it simply feels weird to be back...But I'm definitely enjoying the simple things in life like showering without flip flops, cuddle with the boyfriend, watch TV, make a smoothie or just fall sleep without earplugs...(NYC can be noisy).
Living in New York has made me realize that the city life is not meant for everyone. I've started to appreciate more and more this city not only because it's where I'm living but because it has a magical feel to it. When I first moved to the city, I really hated it and I was homesick 24/7 but now that I've made friends and I've adapted to my student life; I've started to appreciate what this city has to offer.

There is ALWAYS something happening in New York whether it's a gallery opening, a parade, a museum exhibition or even a strike! This city is continuously in movement and it literally never sleeps.

My last few days before coming back home were a bit nostalgic because I didn't have classes anymore so I had somewhat of free time to explore the city. Those days reminded me of how I felt the first time I visited New York, and how much this place means to me.

It's the city of Dreams.