My Top David's Tea Favourites


This herbal is my absolute favourite one for ice teas. The blend of mango, apples and guava is refreshing and sweet, it's like drinking juice! 

(black tea)

If you're a coconut fan, then you'll definitely enjoy this one! The mix of coconut, sugar cane and pecans is simply rich and velvety. My favourite desert tea. 


I'm a walking stress ball so I'm always looking for things to help me unwind and take a break from my hectic life. I use to drink a lot of "Mother's little helper" but the acidity of the hibiscus was throwing me off and so when this "big chill" came out it truly came to my rescue! It also has valerian root which helps to sleep and a sweet vanilla undertone. I just love the blend of mint, apples and lemon balm. 


I LOVE OOLONGS! They are my favourite type of tea because they are not grassy like green teas or too rich like black teas. Oolong are perfectly in between and have a full body of flavours. This pineapple oolong is fresh and uplifting!

(white tea)

Mulberries, coconut and white tea is simply sublime! It's sweet and creamy! 

(green tea)

This was the first tea that I tried from David's Tea and it's been one of my favourites ever since! The blend of coconut, almonds and a hint of pineapple camouflages perfectly the grassy tones of a green tea. 


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