New Year!

My year began with an important and highly anticipated trip to my boyfriend's hometown, Listuguj. I was both anxious and excited about this trip, since I was travelling by myself for over 8 hours to a place that I had never been... I get a bit of travel anxiety. Once I stepped out of the train and saw my boyfriend standing out in the cold waiting for my arrival... all of my tiredness and travel anxiety went away. Here are a couple of pictures that I snapped as we drove thru the beautiful scenery of Listuguj. It was my first time being in the Eastern side of Canada and I loved it! 

This trip was planned a while ago because timing is essential in a long distance relationship. As some of you may know, I'm living in New York but my boyfriend lives in Montreal... it's tough at times but it's all worth it! We both needed to escape the city and spend quality time with each other. I also got the chance to meet his wonderful family and learn how to make a couple of things, thanks to his mother! I absolutely loved this trip, it was relaxing and definitely memorable. Truly looking forward to my next visit :)