Thoughts on the bus... Goodbye MTL

As I'm sitting in this never ending bus trip back to New York, all I can think of is "can this bus move any faster!"...I genuinely hate traveling unless it's a flight to a desirable destination like the Cancun or home! My body and mind doesn't settle well with the idea of being stuck in a moving object for more than 5 hours without a proper meal or rest... On top of this agonizing trip I think I'm starting to develop a cold.... The ONE thing I really managed during the holidays to avoid. 

With barely any sleep... no makeup and a soar throat, my break in Montreal is officially over. Saying my goodbyes was slightly harder this time around especially with my significant other. We've grown stronger and we definitely enjoyed our time together more than this summer. The stress of moving to a new city and starting a journey away wasn't weighing on me anymore...but after spending such a wonderful break together, the last thing I wanted to do was to leave.  Looking at our pictures and remembering the last hug we gave each other is making me tear in this coach bus surrounded by travelling strangers... Long distance is tough but worth it! 

Saying goodbye is never easy or pleasant... but it's only temporary!
I'm clueless to how long I will be living in New York for but Montreal is by far what I can call home and I hope that one day wherever it is I can be stationary and live with my loved ones. As of now my life is in a box (literally) and all I can look forward is to another fulfilling semester.

New York here I come for another chapter!



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