My homework!!!!

Hi everyone! It's been SO long since last time I've posted...I've been quite busy and it's hard to keep up with school, my blog, my family and bf! I also can't do product reviews or go to events because I'm miles away from Montreal... Anyways I decided to share with all of you part of my work... These are projects that have all been made mostly last semester. Everything is hand made! I start by sketching and then patterns and then sewing! I'm tremendously grateful to be here in New York and to be studying something I'm truly passionate about. 

I've made so much progress and I never thought to make it here! 

I designed these ear muffs last semester for my final project as part of a 6 piece collection. For this project I based my inspiration in the folkloric colours and textures of the royal Russian era. I'm simply shocked to see that Dolce and Gabbana presented these very similar ear muffs at their fall/winter 2015 collection this past week in Milan... I could have never been able to predict it! I guess I must be doing something right if Dolce made something similar.... ;)



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