Simple things in life

It's almost going to be a year since I've restarted my journey as a student, and I guess I forgot how hard a student life can be. These past couple of days have been loaded with work and it won't be getting any easier until the end of the year.  I have very little time to even do things that I enjoy and that make me happy... and it has started to take a toll on me... I can definitely feel the stress under my skin every day. It's never easy to manage stress and even though I wish that I could escape to a tropical island... that is not realistically possible right now... So here are some of the things I do to maintain my sanity when I don't have to time to take hours for a bath or take a trip to ease my anxiety. 


The small things in life count and they can contribute to your happiness... 
I try to make my meals look very good... like instagram worthy ;) It's always more satisfying to savour a visually pleasing plate right! Make it look real good! I get inspired by a couple of food blogs or instagram foodies. 


I've also decided to take back the habit of drinking a cup of tea almost every evening. It relaxes me and keeps me awake at the same time! Tea is always good for stress. 


When I'm doing homework on my desk or if I'm having supper by myself, I like to lit my candles. the scent and the aromas are very relaxing. It also brings a bit of warmth to the room. 

These are really small things you can do to ease a bit of the stress. I have 3 weeks left of school and I'm grinding work like crazy but I have to remind myself to implement these small things back into my life or else I'm really going to burn out. 

I hope these small tips will help you!

Happy finals folks!