5 things that change in your Mid Twenties

I will soon turn 25, and now that I look back at when I turned 20 I've noticed that many things have changed. Mainly my perspective on some aspects of life have changed and I'm starting to realize that I'm a young adult. Part of me would love to stay in the early twenties phase but I guess it's part of life to grow! Here are a couple of things that I believe mid twenties' young adults can relate to. 

1. Family Matters

I feel that the older you get the more caring and closer you become to your parents. As a young adult I have bigger responsibilities and I understand much more the stress they go through to maintain a household. I care much more about building my career and give back to them once I have a stable position. 

2. Quality v.s Quantity 

When I was in high school, I wanted to be popular and have plenty of friends but nowadays I cherish my small circle of friends. Along the years I've lost friends because we change and some have moved away. I rather have a few that truly know me and care about me than have many that only want to party. 

3. Big Money 

In my early twenties I felt rich with 1000$ in my bank account... now it takes much more to feel wealthy... financial needs are bigger and having a good paying job is a priority. Paying rent, buying groceries, having a car and maintain a young adult lifestyle is not easy. 

4. Relationships

Looking back at the type of guys I use to go for, I just shake my head and tell myself "what was I thinking?!?!" I did care about going for what I believed to be a "good guy" but I wasn't really picky about their values or about their habits...As I got older I became more selective and now I believe to have found my better half :) 

5. Alone time

You actually enjoy some alone time! Unwinding at home, watching TV, drinking a good cup of Java or tea, become your Friday night routines. Partying and being hungover don't look very attractive anymore...

They are plenty of things that change in your life once you start approaching the mid twenties and all you can do is simply enjoy this phase. A time in life when you're maturing yet and aging well!