Back in NYC!

It's been so long since the last time I posted something in my blog... and I feel terrible for letting my blog reach such a low point of activity. It was quite a busy summer and I'm a bit sad that's it all over and that I'm back to my New York routine. It's been about three weeks since I got back and it feels like time is passing by very slowly. 

My first week back has been by far the worst week on my own... I got horribly sick and I had to unpack and settle in my new apartment. It was both physically and emotionally hard but I'm glad that it's all behind now. At the time the only thing that was motivating me to get better was the fact that be the end of week my boyfriend would be here. Seeing him was a breath of fresh air and it felt so nice to have him here and have two days to ourselves. 

Being back in New York, definitely feels weird not only because I'm back to being on my own but because I'm back to a place that feels like a second home. Unlike last year, I'm not anxious about the subway or knowing my way around the groceries or just getting to class. However, the feeling of being alone and having solo dinners can be depressing at times. 

The one element that has truly shifted my experience here is that my new roommate/friend is barely in our apartment. I won't deny that it feels pretty good to have a place to my own. I can watch movies and sketch without earphones and listen to music while I cook....It's strange how small things can bring so much joy when you're a student living away from home... I've started to appreciate having a place on my own and it feels good. Nevertheless, I miss my family tremendously and also my boyfriend. It's so hard not seeing them and not being able to share silly moments with them. 

They are my motivation to my degree and career... every project and everything I do is because I want to some day be able to give them back every effort and sacrifice they've done for me. 

Anyways I hope to keep you posted on more things in the next couple of days!
 Here are a couple of pictures of my new apartment.