Stud Statement earrings

Marc Jacobs - Pretzel earrings (45$) 

Bauble Bar earrings (20$)

Marc Jacobs - Candy Earrings (45$)

Bauble Bar - Earrings ( Gift ) 

I wanted to share with you guys some of the earrings I've been wearing these past few months... I love stud earrings because I have short hair and I feel that long and dangling ones don't suit me well. Every time I wear Marc Jacob's pretzel earrings, I get complimented by someone and they always ask me where did I buy them!? I bought them in Hudson Bay store in Montreal last winter because they remind me of New York. They are adorable and have a big meaning to me. The other earrings are from Bauble bar, I really love this brand because they carry trendy pieces at an affordable price and when you order online the packaging is super cute! 

I'm not a big fan of accessories but stud earrings have become a must in my closet!