Best Fall Skin Care Products

I'm really loving this lip balm, the flavour is great and I love that it doesn't leave a film sensation on my lips like EOS ones. I got this one at Harmons in New York but I think they probably carry this one in Canada as well. (price around 3.99$) 
I bought this cleanser because I felt that my skin was getting to use to Purity by philosophy and I felt that my skin needed some change. This cleanser works pretty well to remove makeup and I love that it doesn't dry out my skin. The smell is great and the texture is very smooth. It's a bit pricy but it does last a long time, I got mine in August and I still have plenty of it! ( price around 39$ at sephora) 

I wanted to get a face scrub but I didn't feel like buying an expensive one; my sister recommended me this one and it's honestly very good! I love that it leaves my skin smooth and it's not very abrasive. It's cheap and since you will only use twice a week it will last a long time. (price around 7.99$) 

I had heard great things about this brand because it's eco friendly... I bought this one in Canada and I'm not sure if they carry these products in the States... I think they only carry their baby products in some retail stores... I love this lotion! It's not oily and it dries nicely, it has a refreshing smell! Highly recommend it, it's also very inexpensive. (price around 6$ in Canada) 
I honestly do not own this product but the girls at Lush gave me enough sample to use for 3 times and I love it! I'm so happy that lush has another mask that does not need to be refrigerated... because I hate cold masks on my face... and also that does't expire! I'm not a coffee drinker and usually anything with a coffee smell turns me off but this mask does not bother me one bit! I love love the textures! A small pot is about 10$ and I'm sure it can last a while.