Dec 28, 2015

Top 5 Cheap Makeup - Cosmetics Brands

This is the only website on this list that I haven't tried... I heard about this website on YouTube and I think I will give it a try when I get back to New York because the shipping is probably cheaper. I'm not sure about the quality of the makeup, however I have heard it's great for fake eyelashes and small accessories like scarves and some jewelry. The majority of their products are 1$ ONLY!!! 

Essence carries a lot of products in the U.S, I've been able to purchase a couple of their products at Ulta and in Canada they have expanded their products in Pharmaprix (QC). Their products have more of a girly feel... sometimes it does feel like it's for teenagers but it's a pretty decent quality for the price. Their prices range from 2$-6$ or more but nothing really pricy. I highly recommend their mascaras! 

I've only been able to find these products in the U.S however I've seen a couple of makeup packages at Walmart in Canada. I've purchased E.L.F at Harmon's values in New York and so far I can't complain! I highly recommend their brushes! Their products sell around 2$-6$ it's really affordable!! I hope they expand their line to Canada! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE NYX!!! It's probably the priciest on this list but compared to other drugstore brands, it's still the cheapest. They offer quality makeup at an affordable price and what I love the most about NYX is that you can get products that are found in higher end makeup brands for cheaper like a contour palette for 27$ instead of 55$ for a Kat Von D palette. Their liquid matte lipsticks are my favourite!!! They recently expanded their brand to Canada and I'm so happy for this!!! You can buy their products online or in stores like JEAN COUTU in Canada (QC). 

I LOVE COLOUR POP!!! It's cheap and the quality is great! They do ship to Canada but it does take some time and shipping can get a bit costly. They have eye shadows for 5$, lipsticks for 6$ and more and they have highlighters for 8$. I really like their highlighters and I want to try their lipsticks because I've heard great reviews on YouTube. I also love that they make collabs with bloggers and have mini collections every now and then. 


Dec 1, 2015

How to Keep smooth lips in Winter?

I always find it extremely hard to keep your lips smooth and soft during winter. The cold weather is lethal... for your lips! I wanted to share some of my tips and give you guys some recommendations on products. I hope you enjoy it! 

 It's really important to exfoliate and get rid of that nasty dead skin on our lips! I love love Lush's Bubblegum lip scrub. It smells amazing and tastes great! I like to use it three times a week and then I moisturize it with my favourite lip balm.  This lip scrub is about 6$ but if you don't want to buy one you can easily make one at home with honey and brown sugar. I like doing this treatment at the end of  my day before going to bed.

You MUST moisturize your lips ALL THE TIME! Morning... after lunch... while watching TV... and especially before going to bed! I love the Sugar lip tinted balms from Fresh... they are a bit pricey but they last a while and if you don't like lipstick this is an excellent option! If you're on a budget... the good old vaseline will do the trick!

Lately I've been having major problems with my lips and I don't really know why... I don't have cold sores but my lips tend to get really dry at the corners, like where my lips part and it's just ugly... if I yawn or open my mouth to wide to eat, it will bleed and I've tried everything... Abreva is designed for cold sores and it didn't do anything for me but I know it works wonders if you do have one... I sometimes use polysporin even though it's not supposed to go in your mouth... I just make sure it stays on the outer side. So far it's the only thing that has been working for me... Apparently it might be a symptom for a vitamin deficiency, so I'm working on getting that sorted out... Anyways with this being said, I hope this article helped you!