My Coffee / Tea spots in New York

(Brooklyn, NY) - Williamsburg 

I discovered this cafe during a school field trip and I truly fell in love with the ambiance of this place. The rustic walls and the industrial aspect of this shop is simply wonderful. Compared to many other shops in New York, this one is quite spacious. If you're ever around Brooklyn, definitely go check it out! I also forgot to mention that they have an in house coffee bean production. 


(Manhattan, NY) - Flat Iron

This tiny coffee shop is ideal when you're just grabbing a cup of joe and walking around because there isn't much space to sit. This cafe is beautiful and has an amazing chai latte, it's the perfect spot for a cute instagram pic! :)


(Manhattan, NY) - 5th Av. Upper East Side

Ralph's cafe is probably the one, I've visited countless times... I love their decor but also their food. They have really good wraps and great coffee. The atmosphere is very calm and it's a true breather from the craziness of fifth avenue. This cafe is in Ralph Lauren's New York flagship store. By the way, they have amazing bathrooms!

(Manhattan, NY) -Soho

I love tea and this place is a little heaven of tea in the middle of Soho. I love their tea wall!!!! it's quite reminiscent to the beauty and the beast library.. you'll understand when you visit :) This British tea house has an amazing selection of teas; from tea bags to loose tea leaves. Very peaceful environment for a tea break with some friends.

These are some of the spots I highly recommend to visit if you're ever in New York among many in this city!