Samira Buchi - Luxury in Hand

Effortless, relaxed, and timeless are few of many words that can describe Samira Buchi New York's brand. I consider myself very fortunate to personally know the mind master behind this unique label, and to call her my friend. Seeing Samira unfold the envelope of her collection, and seeing the growth of her brand has truly been phenomenal to witness.

I've always admired her clear vision, and well defined style that is clearly stamped in every single silhouette of her handbags. Samira Buchi New York's handbags are entirely handmade in the big apple, and are made with high quality leathers from Europe.

Each handbag has been made with outstanding craftsmanship, and high quality leathers that are simply luscious to touch. These handbags have been designed to adapt, and shape themselves to it's end user's lifestyle since they are unlined; which is a true beauty.

Samira Buchi New York, has a refreshing outlook on the meaning of luxurious handbags. Most people might expect exotic skins or mega embellished bags; however this brand fosters local sourcing, and handmade expertise which speaks louder than other over the top designers.

I'm speachless with her first collection named "nativ", and I cannot wait to see more designs.

Please see some of my favourite handbags below, and to shop her collection please visit her site right below.


  1. Yeah she is very creative with her work. She deserves to be appreciated because of the designs of bags she makes. It takes time to develop customer's image.


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