4 Makeup Brands by Latinas

I was hoping for my headline to say TOP 5 but I only found 4 interesting brands that have been founded by Latinas.  More, and more I'm interested in following powerful Latina women that have successfully launch their own business. The cosmetics industry is immensely competitive  and challenging to pierce as every year there are more, and more labels fighting for the same market. Here are 4 Latina women that have been able to mark themselves in the cosmetics industry.  

Famously known for her tattoos,  and rebellious attitude; Kat Von D has been able to create a makeup empire with her image.  One might think she's not Latina considering her fair skin, and name but both of her parents are from Argentina, and she was born in Mexico. Her makeup line has grown extensively since it's debut, and her products are very popular for their long lasting quality. Personally, I love her eyeliners as they are highly pigmented, and stay on forever! 

Melt is more of an independent makeup brand that is not very mainstream yet has a large following on social media, and among makeup artists. Having founders of Latin heritage, this brand is continuously gaining popularity in the makeup industry and on social platforms.  They first became very known for their ultra matte lipstick but all their products are very coveted by makeup artists. 

Seriously? Who doesn't know what a beauty blender is! We have all own at least one, I personally  prefer brushes but I know that many believe in the miracle of an immaculate foundation finish with the beauty blender. Her founder has Mexican roots, and is making the Latin community very proud with her successful product. The beauty blender is probably the most famous makeup tool that is used by celebrities, and makeup enthusiasts. 

Tata Harper is of Colombian roots and has brought her love for nature into her skincare brand. Most people might think she's a typical American woman from New England but she has developed products that are inspired by her motherland, Colombia. Her products are more higher end, and enhance a woman's natural beauty. 

All of these women are inspirational, and are definitely paving the way in the beauty industry for more Latinas. After all, Latinas are known for their natural beauty. 

- Nelly