Dua Lipa - Favourite Artist

More than ever music has been a therapy to block all of my thoughts, and after a crazy breakup the last thing I wanted was to endure platonic love songs. Lately I've been listening non stop to Dua Lipa, I found her songs by accident on YouTube, and didn't realize she's the artist behind that catchy song "new rules" on the radio. Personally I don't like that song, she has much better ones! Her music style is casual, catchy, and quite fresh. I really appreciate her female power lyrics on relationships. One of my favourite is her "IDGF" song, that is seriously my breakup story ;)

   In addition, to amazing vocals, and being very beautiful; I've fallen in love with her sense of fashion. She makes me want to work out towards a six pack for crop tops this summer. I wish I could pull off all of her outfits! I love her fashion athleisure style, she's my summer inspiration; she has this effortless cool girl flare. I highly recommend you to check out her music on Itunes or YouTube!