20 Things in my backpack to Japan!

Hopefully in a few days from now I'll be on my way to China, and Japan! Although travelling to China causes me a lot of anxiety because I'm always scared of getting sick or lost in another country; I do find myself blessed to have the chance to travel so far for work. 

I'll be working in China, and then I'm hoping to survive for my vacation to Japan! I'm both excited, and nervous about going so far alone but I think both my heart, and mind deserve some alone time to reflect, and grow. 

Here are some of the things that I'm packing to bring with me during my flights! Some of the things I bring can sound strange to some people but these flights are very long, and they can be quite exhausting. I also didn't include pictures of a pair of undies or compression socks because that's uninteresting to photograph haha! All of these items keep me clean, and entertained during 14 hours up in the air! 

1. Magazine / 2. Eye masks / 3. Candies /4. Mini tooth brushes/ 5. Baby Wipes/6. Cough drops

 7.Passport/ 8. Pen/ 9. Hand Lotion/ 10. Bloating papers/ 11. Face mist/ 12. Hair elastic/ 13. Hand sanitizer / 14. Lip Balm 

15. Charger/ 16. Headphones/ 17. Sleep Mask/ 18. Meds/ 19. Pair of Underwear/ 20. Compression socks

- Nelly


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