I went to Tokyo alone!

I had never travelled solo before, and the first destination that felt right for me to visit was Tokyo. It had always been a dream of mine to visit Tokyo, and it simply felt like the right time. After working miserably hard in China for 2 weeks I gave myself a break, and flew from Hong Kong to Tokyo. 

Coming to Japan alone was a combination of fear, and excitement but once I landed in Narita Airport it all vanished. This adrenaline of figuring out my way from the airport to my hotel got me into a bullet train with two full suitcases, and a heavy backpack. Thinking back, I feel blessed to have made it in one piece to my hotel room. 

Once I got to my tiny hotel room near Shibuya station, I felt this immense peace, and was simply grateful to have made it on my own. Tokyo immediately gave me this feeling of home, a sense of belonging that I never experienced while living in New York. Visiting Tokyo brought back joy to my soul. For once I felt like I could truly focus on myself, and it felt as if I could see my life from an outsider's perspective. 

Up until that trip I had been suffering, and carrying so much pain from a hurtful breakup. I kept wondering, and asking myself countless questions of my past. Tokyo made me realize there is so much beauty in this world to be wasting time on doubts to which I may never have an answer. I flew thousands of miles alone to realize there is so much more to life than to cry on things that we can't control.

Everyday in Tokyo I learned something new from their culture, their values of respect, and integrity. It's indescribable the way Japan has extensively paid attention to detail; from having sinks for children in public bathrooms to taxi cars with self opening doors. I truly admire their society for seamlessly integrating old traditions with modern lifestyles. Even though most of my days consistent of being alone I never felt lonely. Not once I felt bored in Tokyo, there is so much to experience; from being fully naked at an Onsen hot spring to being at Disney Sea, to eating the biggest cotton candy. Words aren't enough to describe my experience in Tokyo. 

Tokyo gave me something that I was longing for, and I definitely needed some time alone to come full circle with my future goals. I would move there on a heart beat! 

A Kawaii photo collage taken in a vending machine in Shinjuku!!

Outside Shibuya station, near the biggest crossing in Tokyo!

I  took this picture because it truly captures how Japan has combined both the past with the present. Young couple wearing traditional attire with trendy footwear while taking a selfie in Senso-Ji Temple. 

Fruit in Japan is quite expensive but it's the most perfect fruit you'll ever see, and taste!