Summer Favourite Products

I always love trying new products, and with every season comes new beauty products to try! This summer, I've reduced the amount of makeup, and I've increase my skincare options. I really hate clogging my pores with foundation when it's 35 degrees outside. All of the products below are some of my favourite ones that I've been using this summer.

1. Sephora - Lip Balm Watermlon

I love love this lip balm it smells so delicious, and it's very hydrating!

2. Aesop - Hydration Spray

I always like to carry a refreshing spray in my bag during summer because I hate having an oily face. I really love this spray, I initially bought it for a trip to China because it's travel friendly. It has a citrus aroma that is simply refreshing when it's deadly humid.

3. Nars Concealer 

Since I don't like to use foundation during summer I just apply a bit of concealer under my dark eyes, and that's it! This concealer blends well and doesn't crease. 

4. Marc Jacobs - Eyeliner 

I also use a bit of eyeliner, I really enjoy this one because it's waterproof. You really need a waterproof eyeliner in the summer as we tend to sweat more. I use a smokey brown shade which is a bit less harsh than black. 

6. YSL - Tinted Lip Balm 

I love matte lipsticks but during the summer a more dewy look suits the weather. I really like this lip balm because it's both hydrating, and long lasting! 

7. Dior - Dior Show Waterproof Mascara

I know that waterproof mascara isn't the best for eyelashes as it's more difficult to remove but I tend to get emotional easily so crying is pretty frequent... So waterproof mascara is always needed. I really love this mascara, it's pricier but it does give a lot of volume. I don't wear a lot of makeup during the summer so a mascara that gives volume is necessary.