10 Small victories in my life!!

The other day as I was scrolling down Man Repeller's website, and I started to read an article about celebrating small victories in life. At first, I didn't quite understand but by the end of the article I could totally relate... It also made me reflect that I should be more grateful on the smaller events in life. I decided to share with you all the small victories that I try or that I'm trying to celebrate when they happen! I don't go bananas on these small victories but I acknowledge them, and that makes me a bit happier at the end of my day. I hope some of you can relate to my small victories, and take this weekend to be thankful, and grateful. So here are my 10 small victories that I'm grateful on a daily basis (when it happens)!

1. Having a good hair day 

I think no one is ever entirely happy with their hair. We are always chopping, dying or literally killing our scalp for that "perfect" look we want... we end up spending loads of money on our hair.. But sometimes we have those days that our hair looks amazingly gorgeous, and when that happens the angels are literally singing!  

2. No upset tummy

I suffer of general anxiety disorder, and it has messed up my digestive system which means my stomach is pretty sensitive. On top of that I'm also lactose intolerant... So when I go a day without stomaches or feeling queasy that makes me super happy!! I feel really blessed when I can go a day without discomfort during a work meeting!

3. Having a full night sleep 

I've had episodes of insomnia many times in my life; I started suffering of insomnia when I was in high school.. and with general anxiety disorders it can be a bit of struggle to have a deep night sleep..so I do appreciate when I've had a restful night.

4. Finding a good parking spot 

Call me lazy but I get happy when I find a parking spot near the entrance of my destination! I really feel accomplished when I've been able to get a spot near the entrance, especially in winter!

5. A cup of tea

I use to work in a tea store and ever since then I only drink tea, it's also because my body can't handle the coffee. I really love discovering new teas, and when that happens it makes me happy. It really soothes me to enjoy a good cup of tea

6. Having the right change

I truly find it satisfying to have the exact change or have enough change in my wallet for something small that I'll buy. For instance at work we must have change for cookies or candies because they don't accept debit for less than 3$ so it makes me happy when I have enough changed in hand for my sweet tooth.

7. Brand new shoes

I love love breaking into new shoes, I love finding the perfect pair in my size (and if it's on sale it's even better)! I love wearing brand new shoes, it just makes my day brighter!

8. When my lipstick lasts all day

I'm quite lazy when it comes to retouching my lips after having lunch... I just want the rest of day fly by without caring about my lipstick. I love it when my lipstick survived lunch, and afternoon tea! I really don't enjoy putting extra effort to my lipstick!

9. Zero issues at work

I work in the footwear industry, and although it's not a matter of saving lives or anything politically important it does get hectic from time to time. I really love when my day goes by smoothly without anyone getting on each other's nerves or eye rolling over minor issues. I love having a day without issues!

10. No traffic

I live in Montreal, and the traffic is always unpredictable... There could be a minor accident on the road but it's going cause a major delay because we have very bad traffic layout in Montreal. It really makes me happy to go work without traffic!