Fall 2018 Sneaker Trends - Women

I use to be a lover of stilettos, and I still am but my feet would die if I wear them every day so it makes me very happy to have sneakers be part of women's main trends. Sneakers have become a great source of inspirations for the past couple of seasons, and they will definitely evolve with future trends. Here are some sneakers trends to keep an eye on, and taking into account when shopping this fall.

 Ugly Sneakers

I remember scolding my ex for wanting to purchase expensive ugly sneakers, I still think it's not wisest fashion investment as it's a disposable trend. I personally really love these Sandro flame sneakers as they remind me a bit of the Prada SS12 flame collection. They are bit pricey (around 250$ U.S) but are still much less than Acne or Balenciaga which are not worth investing unless you have disposable money to throw out the window. These Sandro sneakers are well designed, and come in multiple colour combinations.

Court Sneakers

Court sneakers are basic to have it's not a trends it's a must have in your wardrobe. These Golden Goose sneakers are perfect because they already have this casual worn look. Please don't buy Stan Smiths (those are way passé) not worth your money it's better to invest in a pair of Golden Goose.  

 Vans / Animal Prints

In general animal prints are in for this fall, and why not have them on your feet! I personally really love these Vans but I would have preferred the black leather instead of white. Just get anything with an animal print, and you've covered all trends for 2018 hihihi. 


I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase Cortez, I would say of all of these sneaker trends this isn't the most important one... But they are quite affordable, and comfortable. They are good sneakers to have, and as a Latina I'm quite proud that these sneakers being of that street culture of L.A. 

Chunky Sneakers

I simply love love these Nike Tekno sneakers!!! All mainstream athletic sneaker brand has come up with their version of chunky sole sneakers. I personally really love these, and own a pair :) Not only do they have this chunky sole trend but are extremely comfortable. They are also budget friendly, and compared to Puma or Adidas' versions this is THE best one! I really love the lines, and overall design of this sneaker.