What happens after taking birth control?

I'm pretty happy that talking about birth control has become more of an open discussion whereas back when I was in high school it seemed like being on the pill was the "only" viable option. Most women of my age have used birth control pills at least once and some have been on the pill for several years. I personally was on birth control pills for over 4 years and I did notice the effects it had on my health afterwards. I wanted to share my personal experience as I hope this helps raise awareness on other birth control methods that are less invasive on the body. Here are some of the symptoms I felt when I went I decided to quit the pill. These symptoms may vary but nevertheless most women have experienced side effects from being on the pill and or quitting the pill.


My skin has always been pretty good but when I went on the pill I rarely had any breakouts. Since quitting the pill my face breakouts a lot especially when I PMS and during my period. It's been a real struggle to find products that target my breakouts and a proper routine that suits my new skin as it seems to react very easily. A lot of girls take birth control because it does help to  control acne but I personally don't think it's healthiest route to control skin problems. The pill really throws your hormones off balance because it may seem like it's helping your skin and regulating the menstrual cycle. However, it's not normal for a pill to make your body believe it's pregnant and that is the reason your body doesn't get pregnant. My personal recommendation is to search for other alternatives to treat acne, even for me it's been tempting to go back on the pill to get rid of my breakouts but it's not a healthy option.

Hair loss / Hair thinning 

I've always had pretty healthy hair, and it still is but I've noticed it has thinned out a lot, and I shed much more than before. I'm quite lucky to naturally have a lot of hair so my hair loss isn't very noticeable but I've had to research products, and tricks to nurture my hair.


My anxiety has always caused me severe episodes of insomnia but I've kept it manageable enough that I can sleep at least 7 hours at night. However, when I went off the pill it became more difficult to fall asleep. I would fall asleep and all of a sudden wake up in the middle of the night wide awake. I've had to do sleep meditations and have an oil difuser to help. I also recommend to shower at night and spray some lavender scent on your pillow!

Weight loss

For whoever knows me personally (physically) they know that I'm quite petite but when I was on the pill I noticed that I gained weight without changing my diet. I wasn't very happy with my weight but I guess it was okay... When I stopped taking the pill I lost a lot of weight at least 10 lbs. I'm much happier with my current weight; I feel more like myself.

Anxiety - Mood swings

It was definitely an emotional adjustment to be off the pill but it's been over 4 months, and I feel much better with myself. I cried a lot the first month over anything, and everything but it's much better now. I also noticed that my anxiety has decreased, I still get panic attacks from time to time but I let it sink in, and I tell myself it will pass. 

All I can say is that birth control is NOT an option I would reconsider as I've noticed first hand the side effects it had on my body. I've spoken to other women in my circle of friends, and they also went through similar situations when they withdrew from the pill. Being on birth control seems like a pretty easy fix to a latex free sex but why should we as women have to put our bodies through this? Inform yourself before making the right choice of birth control that will suit your needs and lifestyle. I hope that other options become as popular as birth control pills for both men and women as I think it's time for men to also take some action.