5 Fashion Trends That Need to Die in 2019 - Spring

As much as I love fashion there are many trends that I completely wish would never happen. These are some of the trends that I don't understand why they are "in" and I hope they go out by the back door really soon... Please don't spend your savings on these trends as they are very fast fashion and not worth making room in your closet for.

1. Pearl Hair Clips

If I see another girl posting a selfie on Instagram showing off her oversized pearl hair clip I will flip out! I don't understand how this trend came around and why would anyone want to have an oversize hair clip on their head... I just find it distasteful and too generic... Not worth the hype

2. 90's chokers 

These truly made a comeback last summer and I don't understand why this trend is still lingering onto this spring... If you were not a teenager in the 90's why would you purchase one now... This trend was cute last summer but now it's just old... like actually old.

3. Neon...

I've never been a fan of neon... because it hurts my eyes! If you're not an aerobics teacher from the 80's why should you own a pair of neon biker shorts... really? Why?!? Neon colors were only meant to be functional colors to warn something... not to alarm people of your poor fashion taste..They simply attract the wrong attention...

4. Dad Sneakers... Ugly Sneakers

These dad sneakers or ugly sneakers were trending last summer...but they shouldn't have a comeback this spring... please use them for gardening or give them away to salvation army but don't wear them proudly around the city as if you're the next trend setter... It's not worth the money! The only acceptable "chunky" sneakers that are worth getting are the Nike Tekno as they are actually comfortable and worth the price.

 5. Lucite Shoes...

PVC shoes.... lucite shoes... see through pumps whatever you may call them they are all passé...Last year this was cool because Kim Kardashian was rocking her yeezy see through pumps but now it's totally not worth the pain or the bad odor or the ugly feet...PVC shoes are terrible for your feet and for the environment.... Your feet look all yellow and foggy... Please let your feet breathe this summer!

- Nelly