Geneviève Racette - No Water, No Flowers

Canadian artist, Geneviève Racette released a new album on May 24th, titled "No Water, No Flowers". Native to Montreal, the language barrier between English and French has never been issue to Geneviève and this is beautifully translated on her album as it seamlessly flows between both languages. 

Her album makes you travel through different emotions and the lyrics are heartfelt with profound messages of love, birth, growth and grief. A song that pinched my heart is called "Magnetic Love" as it talks about a recurrent love that keeps pulling you towards someone that is not meant to be. The piano notes on this song are beautifully harmonized with her soothing voice. Every song on this album is a story on its own and hearing it all together at once is absolutely breathtaking. I've heard this album countless of times since last Friday and I had chills during the entire performance at the album release night in Sala Rossa. Her voice and music is refreshing and I encourage you to check her full album in the link below. If you would like to know more about her future shows or get to know her a bit better, please visit her Facebook or Instagram in the links below.

I feel very fortunate to personally know Geneviève and to share fond memories together since our childhood. I admire her for staying grounded in her values and empowering other women in the music industry. She has come a long way and this album is barely scratching the surface of something much bigger that awaits for her as I'm certain that she will continue to fascinate us with groundbreaking music.