Top 5 Trends for Sandals in Spring 2019

It took a very very long time for summer to kick in (here in Montreal) it's finally getting warmer and the days are feeling slightly longer. I think we can finally start wearing sandals without fearing that our toes will freeze! There are many more trends for sandals (than only 5) but these are the ones that have caught my eye and that I will probably be wearing throughout this season. 

1. Square Toe Open Toe Sandals

This summer is all about square toes... it's all about bringing back the good old 90's back in style! I love love these mules from Dear Frances, if I could splurge on these babies I would!  I personally really love this trend on low block heels, I just find they are much more comfortable to walk with and they are more timeless... because with kitten heels it really defines it as a 90's sandal whereas with a block heel it makes a bit more modern. 

 2. Square Toe Strappy Heeled Sandals 

Yes I know... again with the square toe! What can I say... square toe will make its way back on various sandal heel heights... but I've noticed that many designer and brands have done their own version of a strappy heel sandal which is great for an evening night out or a summer wedding. I'm also really loving how some of these brands are playing a lot with the heel shape... some have round heels while others go for a classic sleek stiletto shape. 

 3. Open Toe Pointy Sandal 

I'm not a huge fan of this toe shape because it's very unnatural... more unnatural than square toe shape... But I do appreciate the way it looks on certain women and how they can really make it work with their style. I personally would probably get the flat version (the image on the top right) as the ones created by "Something Navy" (which are available in Nordstrom). I don't think this suits everyone but they look pretty nice if styled properly.

 4. Strappy Flat Sandal 

These are a classic and it seems like anything stappy is making a comeback this summer. I'm sure you already have a pair of these in your closet and if you don't they are a must because they are always handy! They are very versatile and easy to combine... with a jumpsuit, culotte pants or flowy skirts. Never underestimate a classic strappy flat sandal!

 5. Birkenstocks! 

I know that some people genuilely hate Birkenstocks and don't get the hype around these sandals which is fine but in my case I don't have anything against them and in fact I find them pretty comfortable... For the past couple of years, Birkenstocks have become a staple for the summer and the brand comes up with new materials, patterns and collabs (in case you can afford a Valentino X Birkenstock) I really love the pair of Birkenstocks that I have! They are a bit pricier but the quality is very decent and they last more than summer if you rotate with other shoes... if you wear them every day for an entire summer they might not last that long...

- Nelly