Winter Self Care Products

Winter is far from being my favorite season but the cold weather justifies my lazy habits of staying indoors and it simply encourages me to be more self loving with body. Winter is very harsh on the body and mind, it can get quite depressing to come back from a long day of work and it's dark outside! I like to change up my beauty care routine in the winter as the cold weather dries up the skin and it's also another excuse to pamper myself ;)

For the past couple of years I've been trying to step away from mainstream hair products which are undeniably less expensive but most likely contain harmful ingredients for the planet and the body. I really love Kevin Murphy products but I was recently introduced to Briogeo products and I'm loving this duo of Shampoo/Conditioner. It has this decadent smell of banana and coconut and it simply makes your mind travel to a tropical island! It has a nourishing blend that is very moisturizing, Briogeo is cruelty free, paraben free and is certified as a clean brand at Sephora. 

Chapped lips are not very sexy but it's very common for that to happen in winter because of the damn cold weather! I was gifted with fuller lips and when I have chapped lips it's very noticeable... I had heard many good reviews online about this night lip mask by this Korean brand Laneige and so far I'm loving it! It's very hydrating and works wonders! So far my lips have not drastically chapped but I do recommend to exfoliate your lips every now and then for even smoother lips.

For the past two years my skin breaks out quite easily due to hormones and stress which is very difficult to control...I try to use very hydrating moisturizers as my skin can dry up with my cleansers to clear my skin and adding the harsh cold weather dries up my skin even more! I found this moisturizer by Youth to the People which is a cruelty free, vegan brand and it has hyaluronic acid which is very hydrating. So far it hasn't hindered more break outs and it seems to even out my skin tone. I would recommend it for sensitive skin.

I like to keep my skin baby bottom soft and I'm always on the hunt for a body lotion that will do that without making me feel oily or buttered. I recently came across this amazing body lotion that is called " snowflake" by Lush. It has almond, cocoa butter and rosewater; it all smells amazing! Lush rarely disappoints me when it comes to body lotion because they have very moisturizing lotions that get soaked in, on top of that they're products are quite natural! 

- Nelly