10 Footwear Trends in the past 10 years...

I wanted to take a look back into some of the most memorable footwear trends that have marked this past decade. These are the top 10 trends that made the cut but I'm sure there are many more other trends that could be remembered in these past 10 years. Some of these trends are not the best and I'm glad we have moved onto better things whereas some are still lingering into this new decade. 

2010 - Weird Shoes

I honestly don't have recollection of what happened in footwear during 2010... All I remember is seeing all of these shoes trying to be very stylish and futuristic... A lot of platform shoes and I also recall seeing many girls wearing these hidden platform heels that made them have super long legs. I cannot recall a memorable shoe style that marked 2010... I just remember seeing weird shoes on runway and nothing very cohesive...

 2011 - Jeffrey Campbell Lita's Platform Heels 

These came around the time that Lady Gaga was THE celebrity to follow for fashion trends. Lady Gage use to wear these massive heels that would not only give her height but also an outstanding stylish presence. The Lita's became quite a statement piece and most girls were buying them from Nasty Gal (back when their business was fruitful). These shoes were not cheap... I remember paying over 200$ for mine which was quite a hefty sum for a 21 year old with a part time job. Whoever wore these shoes wanted to be seen and wanted everybody to know that they knew about fashion trends.

 2012 - Isabel Marant, Wedge Sneakers 

When these wedge sneakers first came out they became the sensation of the year. They literally gave women some height without compromising their style. However, it all spiraled out of control and became a quite tacky footwear style when other brands started to make knock off versions of the original design. I don't understand how some fast fashion footwear brands still carry wedge sneakers in their collection... it's absolutely horrendous. Part of me does believe that these original Isabel Marant wedge sneakers might make a come back!

2013 - Balenciaga Cut Out Boots 

These boots were seen on every single influencer that was caught in the streets of New York or Paris for fashion week.  These chunky buckles gave a grungy rebellious look that everyone wanted to take part of. They had a very unique style and I'm sure to this day there are still some girls rocking these boots.

 2014 - Chloe Stud Boots 

When these came out so many footwear brands came out with their own version of them or they would literally knock them off. I remember getting myself a pair of Minelli that resembled these as I couldn't and still can't afford these Chloe boots. These boots have become a staple in their collection and can still be purchased at many luxury retailers.

 2015 - Gucci Fuzzy Slide 

In general any type of mule or slide was THE style of the year. However, these Gucci fur slides became very famous and coveted by any fashion enthusiast. I remember taking part in this trend but obviously couldn't afford the real deal so I settled for a similar style from Aldo. These fuzzy slide trend lasted about a year and since then they haven't made a comeback. Although I do think a pair of regular Gucci slides are always a classic style to have in your shoe collection (if you can afford them).

 2016 - Vans Sneakers 

Around this time it became fashionable for women to wear sneakers and may I say that it was blessing! Vans have been around for decades but in the past few years it has become of a fashion statement. They are generally affordable and give your outfit a relaxed cool feeling. I own about 4 or 5 pairs of vans and I always get excited when they come up with special edition collections such as their Charlie Brown collection and their most recent collection featuring Harry Potter. I love vans and I'm glad that this trend has kept going on until today!

 2017 - Clear Shoes 

From Yeezy to Jeffrey Campbell, these transparent plastic shoes were a big hit in 2017. I deeply dislike these shoes as they are the WORST shoes to wear and invest in...They don't let your feet breathe, they fog up, your feet look yellow because of the blood pressure...and on top of all that they are made of PVC. For those that don't know PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) it's a plastic that contains dangerous chemicals such as phthalates, lead, cadmium, and/or organotins, which can be toxic. It should be illegal to produce these shoes.. and I don't understand how some people believe this trend is still relevant now. 

 2018 - Balenciaga Dad Sneakers

Dad sneakers were already a trend in 2017 for men but in 2018 it really became a statement trend for women. I never really got into this trend as it felt a bit too cartoon like and I didn't feel like spending over 1000$ for a pair of Balenciaga sneakers that I knew wouldn't be a statement piece in the following years. I also didn't want to buy a knock off version at Zara or at Aldo so I opted to buy a pair of Tekno Nike sneakers which are functional sneakers and also quite stylish. These Tekno sneakers are super comfortable that I got myself two pairs in different colors.

2019 - Square Toe Shoe

Square toe heels, sandals, boots, mules on and on... everything was about having a pair of square toe shoes. From By Far to Zara, they all came up with their own version of square toe shoes. I actually didn't get myself a pair because I didn't feel like buying kitten heels with square toe and it seemed difficult to find a pair with more of a block heel that I liked and felt had a reasonable price. I'm sure this trend will pass onto this summer in 2020 and more brands will do their own versions. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and let me know if there is a trend that you thought was memorable in this past decade! 

Happy New Year!

- Nelly


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