Canadian Skincare / Self Care Brands

 As we spend endless days confined in our homes we must remind ourselves to take a breather from this situation. It's emotionally exhausting to navigate through these difficult times and now more than ever self care should be our priority. This virus has shed a light on the importance of supporting local businesses as they promote the growth of our local economy. Here are a couple of Canadian brands that will make your confinement days at home feel like a spa haven.

Dot & Lil 

 Dot & Lil is a Montreal based brand that carries an array of bath, body and home products. All of their products are hand crafted in their Atelier located in Montreal. Their products are made with a unique blend of natural oils and fragrances that will fill your bathroom with a sumptuous aroma.
Dot & Lil offers a variety of products that will transform your bathroom into your own self care sanctuary. My personal favorite product is their White Tea and Ginger Bar Soap which leaves your skin smelling and feeling refreshing. Dot & Lil has an extensive collection of bath bombs, soaps, milk baths, candles, body oils and butter. To see their full collection go visit their website in the link down below.

Nala Care 

Nala Care is a Vancouver based free-form beauty line, meaning they are free from carcinogens , aluminum, parabens and they are certified cruelty-free. Nala Care promotes beauty within, focusing on designing deodorants that are safe and nurturing to our bodies. Their products are crafted with high quality ingredients and their fragranced deodorants only use natural essential oils. A really unique feature that Nala Care offers is the opportunity for the consumer to personalize their deodorant; you can choose the type of strength as well as your scent. If you're interested in personalizing your deodorant go check out their website down below.


BKind is a Montreal based self care line that is designed and made in Quebec. Their collection is entirely cruelty free and all of their packaging is recyclable. BKind fosters for a more sustainable beauty care routine offering the option to purchase some of their products in bulk. All of their products are finely crafted with high quality ingredients to nurture a healthier body. If you're interested in discovering a variety of their products a great option would be to subscribe to their 3 - month BKind box which offers shampoo, conditioners, facial scrub, body soap and even a bamboo toothbrush! If you're interested in learning more about BKind and shopping their line please visit the link down below.

Pink House Organi

The founders behind Pink House Organic took it upon themselves as a mission to create toxic free and natural based beauty products. Pink House Organic is a Vancouver based beauty line that is entirely handmade in small batches to ensure the freshness of their products. One of their most popular products are their Glow Sticks which are quite versatile as they can be used as a highlight, blush and even lipstick! It's the perfect product to give you a sun-kissed glow! Pink House Organic offers an array of beauty products which includes bath bombs, lip balms, face masks and even an all natural organic dry shampoo. To shop their entire collection please visit the link below.

T. Lees 

There isn't a better way to end a hectic day by pouring yourself a bath and just sipping on tea or wine while enjoying the smell of an indulging candle. T. Lees is a Montreal based home company that makes handmade candles with decadent essential oils. Their candle collection offers a variety of scents that are appropriate for any season. They regularly hold candle workshops but with the current situation these are momentarily suspended however you can always purchase a DIY candle kit to create at home! Their DIY kits are well equipped for you to make your very own candle at home and you can select the scents you wish to make! To view their entire collection please visit the link below.

- Nelly