Spring - Summer Footwear Trends 2020

It's time to put away those winter boots and make room for some fresh summer shoes. Here are the biggest trends that we'll be seeing in a lot in stores! 

Chunky Sandals 

Chunky boots were a huge trend this winter and it will continue onto summer and most likely it will be back in fall... Velcro straps and chunky outsoles are the key styling elements for these sandals. They can be paired with a flowy mid length skirt or a pair of wide leg pants. The sandals down below are from Vagabond Shoemaker and I'm kind of digging them...


Loafers are a classic and it's always good to invest a good pair of leather loafers. This summer it seems the trend is to wear loafers with a chain or some hardware ornament on the apron (front part). These go nicely with a pair of cigarette pants or some dad jeans; loafers are very versatile and are great for a business casual style. 

left side - and other stories / right side - Zara 


Square Toe

Square toe shoes came full force last year and it's still going on strong for the upcoming seasons. I personally prefer a good pair of square toe sandals with a block heel; I find they look more balanced versus with a stiletto or kitten heel. This season square toe sandals will be available in many more retailers as last year not many jumped on this trend. I highly recommend to get a pair in a color, this sky blue is a very trendy colour this summer (as seen below). 

Left side - and other stories / Right side - Zara 

Platform Sandals 

Last summer the infamous slinky sandals by Steve Madden made a comeback and this summer platform sandals are back again but you can step away from the elastic band and get a pair with embossed leather or puffed straps. Platform sandals can be a little bit tricky to wear and uncomfortable at the beginning so make sure you don't wear them for long walks.

Top Left - Vagabond Shoemaker / Bottom Left - Zara / Right side - Jeffrey Campbell

Novelty Heels 

Cult Gaia was probably one of the first labels to come up with novelty heels last year and this summer the French label Jacquemus is also tagging along this trend. I call them novelty heels as they break the traditional shape of a heel; they aren't necessarily translucent or glittered but their shape makes the overall shoe stand out. This isn't a trend that everyone will jump on and I wouldn't recommend to buy into mass produced shoes with novelty heels as you will probably only wear them twice and throw them to a donation centre... Be mindful before getting into a trendy style.

Citrus Shades 

Bright days are coming ahead with summer and zesty shades are trending for this season. Colorful bright shoes are taking over this summer. Orange, yellow and green shades have been brought back for summer by countless of labels. From sneakers to heeled sandals anything with bright colors will be trending this summer.

 Rubber Platform Sneaker

Put aside dad sneakers because this summer it's all about owning a pair of thick rubber platform sneakers. Vans and converse had already introduced platform versions of their classic sneakers a few seasons ago but this summer it seems the trend is to have the vulcanized rubber tape overlapping the upper that creates an illusion of an even thicker sole. I'm really digging this trend and these sneakers look like they can nicely be brought into fall!

Top left - Converse / Bottom left - Proenza / Right - Alexander McQueen 

I hope you enjoyed reading the top footwear trends for this summer and please make sure to be mindful of your purchases and even if it's trending please make sure you'll wear those shoes multiple times!

- Nelly