Cruelty Free Makeup

I feel like I always begin my articles with "it's been a while since last time I posted something..." The truth is that I've had the time to write but I haven't felt inspired to write product reviews given the current situation that we are living. There are far more important things to consider during this crisis instead of reviewing products... But as time passes I'm realizing that life continues and we should try to focus on issues that matter to us. In my case I've realized that I should pay even more attention on the products that I'm purchasing and also encourage others to do the same... 

Anybody that knows me, knows that I love animals especially birds. I knew that some companies were still practicing animal testing but I wasn't aware of the fact that China forces beauty companies to test their products on animals if they want to be sold in mainland.  From a business perspective selling in China is a huge opportunity for a profit growth. However, I was eager to know which companies truly cared about the integrity of their values. Here are some brands that are labelled cruelty free and that I personally use! Please switch to cruelty free brands as animal testing is a barbaric measure that should be completely banned. 

If you have a specific brand that you would like to check if they are cruelty free I recommend to visit the website below as it's always updating their data base.


Glossier has become an iconic beauty brand for new generations. Their "no makeup look" has influenced this effortless bare skin beauty trend. Such trend embraces natural beauty and skin imperfections. I love Glossier because they truly pay attention to every single detail in their product, from the quality to the packaging and branding. I personally recommend the boy brow gel, generation G lipstick and the brow flick pen.


I first tried Kosas last year when it was still low on the beauty radar and I did enjoy their blush but at the time they didn't have many options to offer on Sephora but now they carry almost their entire collection! This brand is not only cruelty free but they also avoid using many harmful ingredients in their products which allows them to be branded clean at Sephora. I highly recommend their lip oil gloss, it's really comfortable and comes in beautiful shades, my next products to try are their bronzer and concealer! 

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Anybody that knows me knows that I love Marc Jacobs. I've always loved their branding and I appreciate their take on the beauty market. I've pretty much tested everything except foundation from Marc Jacobs, they have amazing well pigmented products and beautifully packaged. I highly recommend their bronzers, eye pencils (they come in all possible shades!) They also have an amazing eyeliner that is impossible to wash away! It really makes me happy to see that they advocate for animal rights. 


Stila was probably one of the first "non drugstore" brands that I ventured on but now they can be purchased in some drugstores which isn't a bad thing to be honest. They are probably one of the most underrated brands in an over saturated beauty market, however this brand sells quality products at a reasonable price. I've bought many of their liquid lipsticks as they are smooth matte and stay on forever (but not the annoying forever kind that never washes off) I also highly recommend their liquid eyeliner that is equally or better than Kat Von D...Next product I would love to test is their liquid eye shadows, they seem highly pigmented.


Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Whoever hasn't tried Anastasia Beverly Hills on their eyebrows is living under a rock or in stone age... I'm just kidding but it's almost impossible not to have heard about this brand if you're all about having beautiful eyebrows. This brand has expanded their products to eye shadows, lipsticks and many other products non related to eyebrows. I highly recommend to try their Brow Wiz pencil and their clear gel, however I must warn you that they are very pigmented so no harsh lines on your eyebrows please. I'm very happy to know that they are cruelty free :) 

I hope you enjoyed reading my article! Maybe next time I'll write on cruelty free skin care and hair care.

- Nelly